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    3" Brushed Aluminum 7/8" Cafe Racer Bar End Mirrors (Dime City Cycles)

    Almost like new, only had them on for a few rides but ended up deciding to keep the stock stem mirror. These are $95 +s/h new from DCC. Asking $60 shipped. More Info on DCC...
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    Passenger Pegs & Rear Sets

    Wondering if anyone knows of a good solution to running both passenger pegs and rear sets. I’m working on a 71 cl350 and was considering replacing the bolts at the the bottom of the rear shocks with footpegs. If they’re the same thread pitch I can’t think of why it wouldn’t work.
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    Sparck Moto LED Headlight Bulbs - High/Low?

    Perfect, thank you!
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    Sparck Moto LED Headlight Bulbs - High/Low?

    Does anyone know if these have high/low functionality? I can only see two prongs from the photo on sparck.
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    Headlight Burn Out?

    The R/R appears to be functioning normally. The battery measured around 13.3V and climbed no higher than 14.2V revving. I suppose the next step is to test the voltage across the 35W headlight.
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    Headlight Burn Out?

    The wiring run goes from the battery to the keyed ignition, to a 14ga bus into a 16ga wire at the RH control cluster, which leads to the LO/HI switch on the LH control cluster, and then to the headlight. All is 16ga except for the 14ga + bus. I haven't checked the output of the alternator yet...
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    Headlight Burn Out?

    So I'm riding in Bellingham, WA late last night. I turned onto a country road going about 45mph and switched on my High Beam. Not 10 seconds later it's suddenly totally dark. My headlight went out. Thankfully I was on a straightaway. I pull the clutch and shift down, pull to the side of the road...
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    EMGO Shorty Muffler Fitting

    Bought 17" reverse cone mufflers to fit on a 71 CB350. Header OD is 1 1/2" muffler ID is 1 3/4. I used the reducers that came with the mufflers and they still feel very loose when clamped down. They can wiggle quite a bit and don't take much force to slide off. I stacked two of the reducers...
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    Wiring "Trunks"

    I've read the 101 and FAQ threads, but I'm still a bit confused over how to wire the main + and ground wire that most of the bike's components will connect to. In a stock cb350, the fuse between the battery and ignition switch is rated to 15A and connected to a 16ga wire. Max current for a 16ga...
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    Where to find this style of connector?

    Can't find connectors like this anywhere in town, anyone know where I could find them online? Look like maybe 2 into 2 open barrel butt connectors. I like them because they're so compact, trying to use as many crimped connections over soldered as I can. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Exhaust wrap - curing?

    I've read that you should run the bike after wrapping the pipes to cure the wrap, making it smoke a little. Does this need to be done right after wrapping when the wrap is still wet? The bike isn't running yet but I wanted to have them ready. Will it still be good to cure in a month when the...
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    Wiring Lengths - How important are they?

    How critical is the length of a wiring run? How much does the resistance of wiring come into play in this application? I'm making a harness from scratch and I plan on only giving enough length to meet my components and a few extra inches on some runs to make changes later on if necessary. My...
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    Compression Tests - Affect of Carbs, Air Filters, Exhaust?

    When doing a compression test, would running non-stock carbs, air filters, or mufflers affect the overall compression value? Could a test be run without all of the above and give accurate results? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Reliable Lithium Battery?

    These lithium batteries are evolving so fast, it seems the ones available now are much stronger than batteries from even a few years ago. Anyone used a lithium ion battery that's served them well they could recommend? I've heard that lithium batteries smaller than stock aren't reliable for...
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    CB350 - Wiring Concerns

    I think I'll follow suit, thanks Matt.
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    CB350 - Wiring Concerns

    I'm building a wiring harness for a 71 CB350 using 18 gauge wire from british wiring. I ordered a length of every color used in the stock harness but I'm wondering if I should go with 16 gauge or larger for some sections. Here are the areas I'm most concerned with: - Headlight using a 35/35w...
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    First Build CB550 Brat Style Cafe

    Great looking bike. Excited to see what you do with it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    EMGO Universal Handlebar Switches (US Version)

    Thank you for doing this.
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    "Race Plate" Headlights?

    Does anyone know where to find this type of headlights?
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    Brat Style - Seat Clearance

    Many of the builds I see with brat style hoops and seats only have a few inches of rear tire clearance. What is this? Do they just pray they never have to use the rear suspension?
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