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  1. martyman

    Oldest Bike on DO THE TON

    I've made one of my Bucket list favorites
  2. martyman

    Douchebag father in-law

    Ya, I would just wait for a day when he's not around and take it to a friends house.
  3. martyman

    To part out or sell as a whole?

    It if was me, I would do the work and get the looks like it could be a nice bike.
  4. martyman

    anyone know the torque spec for spokes on a cb450

    Uh...spokes are tightened and then adjusted for true
  5. martyman

    New purchase. My 52nd bike this year. I think I'm in love

    what very nice job you've done...
  6. martyman

    my dog ate my wiring harness

    dog is going to poop some turn signals in the morning
  7. martyman

    red cow

    looks perfect to me...
  8. martyman

    How low is too low?

    Honda 350 was not a tall bike...standard height was ok, the Japanese who designed it were pretty smart.
  9. martyman

    mono shock nitrogen re-fill

    Anyone know where I can get my rear shock re-filled 150 to 200 PSI of nitrogen? not sure why the PSI level is suppose to be so high...had it done twice at Crappy tire and both times after it leaked out, maybe not enough pressure? because of low PSI?
  10. martyman

    some of my other projects

    Very eclectic, with time you should find some buyers...nice to see someone not over spray the wheels.
  11. martyman

    a perfect cb chop

    I like the Helmet...
  12. martyman


    I might ride down from Canada...looking for places to crash or people to hang out with.
  13. martyman

    The Official OHIO Roll Call.

    I'm planning on going to the Mid-Ohio vintage meet July 20th if anyone wants to help out a to camp on a lawn?
  14. martyman

    Good Project? Yay or Nay

    No keys or title...Nay I say.
  15. martyman

    From Toronto to Ohio AMA vintage motorcycle days (July 20 -22 )

    Looking for anyone interested in riding from Toronto to Ohio....Ride Friday Afternoon, camp near Leamington Ontario...take Ferry Saturday morning to Sandusky, then ride to show spend day camp at show and then back across ferry to toronto sunday morning.
  16. martyman

    you believe this is original ? cb200 1975

    Sure its possible with a motorcycle...its only 200cc so its not going to have huge amount of kms on it. I paid $1200 for a 2000 kawasaki and $800 in parts so if I was paying that much for the bike it better run perfect and pass a safety
  17. martyman

    My Modern Classics

    Very nice...the first real motorcycle I owned was a CB350 never ran right and it would pogo around corners, the shocks were worn out :) would like to get another one and build it now that I'm older and wiser
  18. martyman

    Friday ride...Markham to Fenelon or Bobcaygeon

    94 missed a fun ride
  19. martyman

    Friday ride...Markham to Fenelon or Bobcaygeon

    I ride a KLR 650 enduro and I'm riding up to Bobcaygeon or Fenelon falls on Friday morning if anyone wants...Its not a race bike and I don't mind doing some trails if someone has a similar bike?
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