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  1. Joe Suzuki

    Suzuki GR650 Scrambler/Tracker - The Strangler!

    Still working on it, haven't made much progress as of late. I had planned on using pods with long runners to try to smooth out the airflow some, along with a rejet. But it remains to be seen if this will work out well. My original plan was to fuel inject, but I want to finish the build and...
  2. Joe Suzuki

    Suzuki GR650 Scrambler/Tracker - The Strangler!

    Let's try this: Apologies for all of the crap in the foreground. Anyway, you can see the 17's front and back with a textured powder coat. You can also see the front light mounted, but the seat is in a box.
  3. Joe Suzuki

    Suzuki GR650 Scrambler/Tracker - The Strangler!

    Hey, what gives? Where are my pictures? What's the leading theory on picture insertion in the forum these days?
  4. Joe Suzuki

    Suzuki GR650 Scrambler/Tracker - The Strangler!

    Here's a few shots of the bike as it stands. The strategy now is to get it complete and running before tackling phase 2, fuel injection. There are many things left to do, just off the top of my head: Trim back tubes on frame hoop Make seat mounting brackets Make muffler mounting...
  5. Joe Suzuki

    Suzuki GR650 Scrambler/Tracker - The Strangler!

    Ha! My 1st bike was a '78 CB750F SS! Still wish I had that one...
  6. Joe Suzuki

    Suzuki GR650 Scrambler/Tracker - The Strangler!

    The saga continues. Life's been challenging since the move, meaning there hasn't been much time for the project. I haven't fit the shock yet as I need to custom machine a hat spacer to make it work. With my new job, I have lathe access, so I should be able to do that. In fact I need to get...
  7. Joe Suzuki

    1976 Puch Maxi - APuchalypse Now

    Nixie Tubes! I'm so in now. Can't wait to see how that works out!
  8. Joe Suzuki

    1987 klr650 tracker

    I don't know why more people don't use KLR's? Prices are good, and they are ubiquitous as hell. Sounds like you've got the right idea. But it looks like most just paint the radiator black, and call it a day. I've seen similar strategies with Goldwings and CX500's; it's all about the visual...
  9. Joe Suzuki

    Suzuki GR650 Scrambler/Tracker - The Strangler!

    Nice! I'm sure you followed the proper Universal Building Code guidelines... ;)
  10. Joe Suzuki

    Suzuki GR650 Scrambler/Tracker - The Strangler!

    Been on the back burner for a bit since I moved from the Northwest to San Antonio, TX into a garage with no welder or compressor outlet! I'm working to rectify that situation shortly. My pics are a bit behind my actual progress as well. Frame is nearly complete, just need some seat mounting...
  11. Joe Suzuki

    Project Louvel | Motoped Tracker Build

    Yes, you are correct. It needs pedals and 50cc or less to be exempt from licensing rules in most states. Of course from the outside, a 50cc and a 125cc look the same... I've heard of people buying an old 50cc scooter with a clean title and doing a vin swap, call it modified, license it, and...
  12. Joe Suzuki

    Project Louvel | Motoped Tracker Build

    I'm in. That blows, try using a cone to drive it back into shape. My buddy built a really nice 125cc Motoped, mainly spent a lot of time on powder coating parts to make it look good. It looked cool, and I rode it once, but kept grabbing for the clutch and nearly sending myself over the bars...
  13. Joe Suzuki

    Some kinda Monster

    Love Ducati Monster Scramblers. I want to do one myself one of these days! But I'll live vicariously through you for now. I suggest an exhaust re-route, high and tight, maybe with some smaller cans. Also maybe a skid plate. And a different minimalist front fender.
  14. Joe Suzuki

    Goldwing 78' brat style

    Awesome! Love to see how you did things nobody else had thought of with a 'Wing. I like the bulky tank, reminds me of a BMW Boxer with a toaster tank. I so want a Goldwing now more than ever!
  15. Joe Suzuki

    Project GOLDWING, a 76 GL1000

    Super cool southbora! Where do you put your gas?
  16. Joe Suzuki

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    Following! Used to have one of those. Kicking myself in 3,2,1...
  17. Joe Suzuki

    The Dirty DR (a DR350 build)

    Adventure time! Sign me up!
  18. Joe Suzuki

    "OLD GOLD" 1975 CL360 LAS VEGAS

    If you suspect a leak, get a can of starter fluid, start the bike, and spray around suspect areas (not into the air cleaners though). If the bikes suddenly rev's, you're getting warmer. You likely won't be able to feel a vacuum leak with your hand. Rinse, repeat.
  19. Joe Suzuki

    1981 Yamaha sr250

    I love non-conventional solutions to old problems! Nicely done! Can you give more specifics on your conveyor? Google isn't much help.
  20. Joe Suzuki

    MT250 Knobby Vintage Streetfighting Cafe Scrambling Rat Tracker

    How did I miss this thread until now? I am sooo subscribed! Rock on!
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