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  1. callmenames

    looking to trade for my first cafe racer

    The ass seems a little high no?
  2. callmenames

    lloyd vintage labor day sale

    I'm always looking for a great deal. Thanks
  3. callmenames

    first time seat build.

    Thanks for showing us your trial and error, seeing everyone building their own custom parts has me wanting to try my hand at making a seat too.
  4. callmenames


    A lot of great reviews on the book, I'm going to have to look into getting one, once I clean off my coffee table. ;D
  5. callmenames

    Last night was CRAZY! "Machete" Austin premiere

    Good for you bro, hopefully one day I'll be able to realize my dream of creating special effects movie monsters. One day soon, I gotta quit my other job first :P
  6. callmenames

    Cafe Fabrication Sneak Peek!!

    Am I mistaken or did you drill that metal strip into the tank, what material is that tank made of? Did you seal it after attaching the strip and with what? Thanks.
  7. callmenames

    Check out this Cafe Racer on CL...

    He probably wasn't getting any hits and saw how the cafe racer bikes were disappearing as soon as they hit CL, I'm sure he was hoping to find some schmuck to unload it on. Poor guy :-\
  8. callmenames

    On Any Sunday Revisited

    Haven't watched to original yet but it's ready and waiting for me, I also have Knightriderz, Quadrophenia, Worlds Fastest Indian, and Psychomania that I need to watch!
  9. callmenames

    Gonna be in NYC, What to see?

    Don't know any bars but me and my girl had some amazing pizza at Lombardis in little italy, it turns out my brother was there a few weeks before me and he and his chick ate there too, they really enjoyed it also. Get a pitcher of Stella and a whole pizza, you won't regret it.
  10. callmenames

    Get a load of this guy!

    I feel immersed just reading it ;D
  11. callmenames

    registering in california

    Still gotta register mine, bought it a few weeks ago I guess the best way to go here in LA would be to make an appointment huh?
  12. callmenames

    "Do the Ton" rear sets - Lets do them cheap - No takers???

    So the custom DDT ones aren't going to see the light of day?
  13. callmenames

    Not brakes, but tires

  14. callmenames

    Opinions wanted

    I agree, the round takes away from the bike. the second squared mock, up is way better.
  15. callmenames

    Anyone running a fiberglass Tank on a street bike?

    This is why I'm afraid to buy a fiberglass tank, I really like one from BCR but I've been told by quite a few people that the gas 'll eat through the glass. I know there's sealers out there but I'm still waiting to see what the life expectancy of those sealers are. Also, it won't stand up to any...
  16. callmenames

    New member in SoCal

    I know it'll be a mission since your in the SFV but Mt. San Antonio college has the MSF course several times a week, I just took it a few weeks ago and you learn on 250cc bikes, the cost was $250 and with your card once you pass, you get discounts at a few bike places, you could get you apparel...
  17. callmenames

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    Wow, super clean beautiful bike, I need to break out the elbow grease :-[
  18. callmenames

    "RATTLE CAN" BLING! ...everything is here!

    Thanks for all the great info, I've painted tons of helmets before but not metal gas tanks, this'll help me transition into that.
  19. callmenames

    CB350 Built by a teen (Weld Now, Grind Later)

    Re: CB350 Built by a teen (a TON of parts on order!! ) Hate to break it to you but a few months ago after the ipad came out, they did a study and it showed that the people that bought ipads thought they were elitists, you still have time to save her....hurry
  20. callmenames


    Wow, that's a ton of work you've done and it looks great, I never thought of using the gap filler that way but thanks for opening up my horizons.
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