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    CB 750

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    CB 750

    Just picked up this morning, Complete 1975 CB750 K with boxes of spares. 4 into one, several fiberglass seats, complete assembled spare engine, another in pieces. Ownership. 2 gas tanks. Etc Etc. I bought this as a favour, and have no use for it. I was told the engine in the frame is stuck...
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    1977 GS550

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    Bridgestone BT45 or Bridgestone S11 or ????

    The BT 45 is a good tire for spirited riding. You can get the H or V rating. The S11 is more suited for touring.. Rick
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    where did you get your handle from?

    The first part is my given name, and 122 is my racing number..boring.....
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    mid ohio

    I'll be there with 3 other Vrra guys from Friday to Sunday...look for the sunburnt redhaired guy... Rick
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    Riding Gear

    Check it out..I'm spring cleaning a bit early. Leather suits are $50.00, Rhyno Suit $125.00..all xs Update: red suit is sold Rick
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    Dear Penthouse, I was out Riding my Harley when....

    0x6pKHQBlUc&NR ::) ;D ;D ;D
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    59 Club History

    Interesting read....
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    Tell Santa What You Want

    Careful what you ask for... ;D ;D
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    1993 GSXR Street fighter parts or Project SOLD

    Re: Upside Down Forks Sure..Ayr, Ontario
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    1993 GSXR Street fighter parts or Project SOLD

    Thanks, the bike's been sold!
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    Barber Museum 2007 Pictures

    Jim, 1.5 hrs to the Buffalo airport and 2 hours from Atlanta to the track in Alabama......we cheated and flew this time... ;D Are you going to the AGM? Rick
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    Barber Museum 2007 Pictures

    I went to the AHRMA races in Alabama last weekend..and to the Barber bike at Rick
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    While the bike was already built when I got it, I do have to tear it dowm and inspect everything before I can race it...1967 Ossa 250... Anyone have any spares? Rick
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    HJC 2 Piece Leathers

    As new, worn one day at a track school. Size 42/medium $300.00 obo I can bring to Milton Swap meet... Cheers, Rick
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    Who's going to CycleWorld today?

    Do you know when the auction is to be held?
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    Who's going to CycleWorld today?

    Agreed, Mc Brides was better..I snagged that Spitfire and some of that grease...maybe the good (old) parts are still in the basement? Rick
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    Yamaha Fizzy FS1E-SS

    I was looking at the local Kijiji site on Friday and saw a cool little bike located nearby. It's a 1973 Yamaha FS1E -SS Moped....before you laugh, it's a 50cc model with a 4 speed transmission and a kick starter...looks like a little racebike! I struck a deal with the old guy and brought it...
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    Joke of the Day

    Why men should avoid a Lads night out after they are married....... The other night I was invited out for a night with 'the lads.' I told my wife that I would be home by midnight, 'I promise!' Well, the hours passed and the beers went down way too easy. Around 3 a.m., a bit pissed, I...
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