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    Runs on 1 cylinder.

    I found that the float was too high. I also changed the rectifier to a solidstate rectifier. The old rectifier was rusty and did nothing to charge the battery. All is well now.
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    Runs on 1 cylinder.

    My CB350 seems to be running only on 1 cylinder. I heard where this seems to be a common problem with these. If so what is it that has been found to be ths problem. I've yet to check all the wiring. It seems as though it fires a little bit on the left cylinder but definately runs stronger on...
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    Clubman handlebars on CB350

    I ended up maling holes like honda does and it worked out OK.
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    Clubman handlebars on CB350

    I,m going to put on some clubman handlebars on my CB350. What have some of you done with the original switches and wiring ? Originally the wiring traveled inside the handlebars to the center behind the headlight. Any pics or info would be appreciated.
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    All Clubs Ride

    Looks like the weather will be good, pssibly see you guys , I'll be on my Kaw.
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    CB350 Carbs

    Thanks guys , I'll give it a try when I get home tonght.
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    CB350 Carbs

    Just got a CB350 and rebuilt the carbs, what is the initial setting of the air screws ? I thought I turned one in to the bottom and got 1 1/2 turns. Is this good?
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    Rochester Meet up?

    Rochester is a bit far for me but Zukey Lake is one of my frequent stops. Haven't had the old girl on the road yet this year, may be a couple of weeks before I get to her.
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    Grand Rapids, MI (and surrounding areas) Thread

    Location Tack Submitted. I'm Lloyd from Fowlerville, I'd like to meet up with you Michigan guys at your local motorcycle events, I posted a Stockbridge event for May 1st near my home for those interested. 8)
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    Stockbridge Mi. All clubs Motorcycle gathering

    May 1, Stockbridge Mi. 10:00am meet and ride. I'd like to see you guys "TON-UP" and bring your bikes to the meet, I'm not sure if I'll have the Dunstall ready by then but I'll be there for sure.
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    Project Yamaha- CS3 resto.

    I'll be watching this one 8) The older the better to turn into a cafe racer. I like the tank on this one and I would use the original seat pan to build a clubman seat. Good luck ;)
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    something to do?!

    Stockbridge events begin May 1st, gather up at 10:00am and ride around the area. I'm trying to gather up some of my Kawasaki Versys owners for that ride, if they don't show up I'll ride my Dunstall/Norton ;)
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    my new XS360

    Sounds solid, hope you make it look as good as it sounds, good luck ;)
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    2011 International Motorcycle Show @ Rock Financial in Novi

    I'll have my bike at the show again this year, stop by and say hello at the vintage motorcycle display. ;)
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    New Michiganiac reporting in

    Welcome, I'm hangging out here in Fowlerville.
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    my cafe/bobber/cafe build. "SEVEN" FINISHED...AGAIN LOL.NEW PIX 3/30/10

    Re: my cafe/bobber/cafe build. "SEVEN" its what i decided to call it.DONE.NEW PIX I can't believe my own eyes! You really pulled it off. Nice bike :o
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    CB360-based mutt "Lucky"

    Lookin' good, I like watching build threads of bikes that are like what I have, I have two CL350s, '68 and '73, I'm currently working on a Norton and can't wait to get my hands on the Hondas. You do great work, can't wait to see the rest ;)
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    xs360 project "Isadora"

    Re: xs360 project Lookin' good! Any reason why you didn't paint the swingarm orange aswell?
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    Picked up a '75 CL360 the other day...

    Very nice bike to start with, I've got a'68 and a '72 CL350 and have alot to do to them, they sat outside for a while at the POs' house, though I got them real cheap they should be fine runners when I can get to them. I am currently working on another Norton. The "72 will be next for the ol'...
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    AB's 81 XJ 550 Maxim

    Looks like it's all there, any history as to why the bike was put away? Good luck with this build, I'm curious to see how it turns out. ;)
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