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    When do they have them?
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    Sold my XS750 cafe for a Triumph Bonneville!

    Just read all of this thread and my reaction is this, Swivel=loud mouth know-it-all. The fork issue was brought up previous to your original post, so what you have contributed to this thread is nothing but a bunch of critical crap that is useless. This bike looks, rides and handles great (yes...
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    I'm still hanging out in Norman, but haven't posted much lately.
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    Sold my XS750 cafe for a Triumph Bonneville!

    Awesome Triumph! I really like the stance. Have fun riding her!
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    Triton/Norvin inspired homebuilt project

    Re: Triton/Norvin inspired homebuilt project Awesome job Dave! It's such a unique project. I can't wait to nominate you for BOTM. ;D
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    Pictures - Movie Stars and Rock Stars

    Here's a link to a bunch of celebs on Triumphs. My personal favorites are Milla Jovovich and Heidi Klum. :o
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    Pictures - Movie Stars and Rock Stars

    Yes, Ewan McGregor it is. And "Long Way Round" is the documentary series about a 22K+ miles trip that he and a friend took.
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    Pictures - Movie Stars and Rock Stars

    That's right. Obi-Wan rides a Triumph.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    My latest purchase to feed my addiction... Pasquini Livietta T2 Semi-auto espresso machine and Lux doserless, stepless burr grinder
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    That a great looking helmet! Be sure and post a pic of it on your noggin in your review. Thanks, irishguy.
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    The maddest 19 year old here? 1966 BSA Hornet "Fighter"

    Yeah, your coils are most likely not your problem. After you get the wiring sorted out you'll want to do some light maintenance on the points and auto advance unit to make sure they are in good order. I would highly recommend a Boyer Bransden ignition. Much, Much less maintenance required.
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    The maddest 19 year old here? 1966 BSA Hornet "Fighter"

    Nice Beezer!!! Can't wait to see how the project progresses. The third pic on your thread starting post cracked me up. Do you have a dog?
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    what about TRUCKS / JEEPS

    I thought I'd post the progress on the Blazer. Before: During: After: Since last post I've had it painted and mounted new wheels and tires.
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    **FS: Brimaco Leather Jacket - $100+shippin**

    What's the measurement from the shoulder to cuff?
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    3/4 Shoei helmet (918)

    You're in Oklahoma, right?
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    Are you in the Dirty? (attn newbs)

    I'm glad that's all cleared up. Kind of. :-\ Oklahoma? We're probably not technically 'dirty', just a little unkempt.
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    Wow. "Nice collection" would be a major understatement. Can I borrow the scambler? There this trail . . .
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    New member from Phoenixville, PA

    Love the bikes, Huck!! Welcome to the site. I, for one, would like to see more pictures of your collection, especially the 75 XS Cafe. Oh, and nice choice of screen name. ;D
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    BSA 650 Lightning

    I know you are on a budget, but here are some links. If you want it to look original and last forever, I would hire it done by one of these places. If you have some experience with painting, it can never hurt to try it yourself. You can always sand it down and do it over. One thing about...
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