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    1982 KZ750H Build

    Dohc, you seriously lack people skills. The poster came on to show what he's building not what others want him to build. You don't like it then move on but don't lecture the guy and try and make him feel bad on his thread and see this is the kicker it's his thread not yours. Also the definition...
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    Sandrew's CB900 'phantom' - Done'ishh

    Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom' looking good!! will follow for sure
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    Tjeeke's (the Dutch guy) CB750F1 caferacer

    that paint looks crazy man, in a good way! The seat pad is different too or do you suffer from haemorrhoids? :-)
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    TAO --- The South Seattle Cafe Project

    Re: TAO CB750 F3 looks great, amazing fastidious work!!
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    How to - Tank

    What an art!! Tradesman's like him amaze me, beautiful work!
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    Broken Honda Cb750k '79

    actually I think you'll be ok, but use the strip and torque it down and see what difference there is, you might be surprised!
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    1981 Honda cb750c build

    Welcome!! If you don't weld on a hoop you'll definitely need a brace inline with the shocks. You'll get some kind of twist going on there when cornering otherwise. ps its looking great so far, as for the tank I would have swapped my square one for your round one any day:-)
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    CB750 Tsuma

    ahh was wondering if the forks were a straight swap or not. watching this one!! ps my tsuma drives the car. Period ;-)
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    74 CB750 USD and Mono build

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    Winter project CB550

    wow oh wow, how did I miss this. Craftsman like yourself amaze me!! great work and definitely deserving of BOTM
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    1976 CB750 - First...everything

    love it, the engine looks great!!
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    1978 CB750k build Project "Hiroko"

    looking good!!
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    82 CB750C DOHC Cafe Racer Build

    looks great, damn I gotta get back to work on mine
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    67 BSA Spitfire "Stay Clean"

    looking forward to see the work you do on this HD
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    The Stache's '76 RD400

    Re: '76 RD400c -- 2smoker "Ginger" lovely, I remember the first rd400 I saw, I was on a LC250 and was amazed as it took off beside me wheelstanding in the first 3 gears WOW!!!! Yours looks so clean and original. will watch to see the seat!!
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    '81 CB750C "Rock-It" (X-Basket Case)

    probably just a fouled plug HD. once you've got it running sweet throw a vid of it running up. Damn am jealous of your spitfire. I'll be keeping in touch with that build for sure!!
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    '74 CB750 "Clueless".. Because I am.

    That motor is so clean it must have been apart and out of the frame at some stage! looks like a good starting point!! The truly on to it on this site would say get it running first the tear it down!!
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    915 superbike on the cheap

    yep following! looks great already :-)
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    Honda 6 Six Cylinder Race Bike......well kind of....

    I met and saw agostini ride his six and four when he visited NZ many moons ago, it was a sight and sound to behold!! MVs have been my dream bikes for a long long time, closely followed by laverda SFCs :D
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