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    Fork swap for an 80 XT250

    When swapping forks on bikes, it is important to understand the concept of TRAIL, even more so than rake angle/ fork length etc. The XT250 has LEADING AXLE forks. If swapping to a fork with the axle at fork centerline, the trail will increase dramatically. I once put an entire RD350 front end...
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    Sr250 carb swap out

    I'm in the middle of a cylinder head overhaul on my XT250, and at the same time cleaning up the ports a bit. Now, I am not 100% sure that the XT and SR heads are identical, but I believe they are. The XT250 has a 28 mm VM pumper carb, while the enduro version TT250 has a VM30. Now, the intake...
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    SR250, get me close to the ton

    Those smaller indicators will also reduce aerodynamic drag a tad. Using a single, smallish bar end mirror will also help. Getting more speed out of an SR250 will have to involve a lot of small improvements.
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    SR250, get me close to the ton

    If you want to get the highest possible speed out of such a moderately powered bike, I definitely would use narrower tires. Something like 2.75 or 3.00 on the front, and maybe 3.25 or 90/90 rear, as long as the rims are not too wide for those sizes. There is absolutely no need for a 120 section...
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    1978 kz400 carb tuning, k&n pods and open pipes

    Pod filters and short exhausts are not known for good power. More than likely, you have less power than a stock 400. And more noise. In the XS 650 community, the same topic is discussed over end over again. Someone wants to run "drag pipes" and pods, then try to fix the issues with jetting. What...
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    Dumb question, air filters+rain

    On my RD350, I removed the stock air filter box, but kept the stock air filter connector, often called "Y-boot" since it is Y-shaped. And connected a large K&N where the air box was connected. This puts the (single) K&N in a vertical position, a little more protected than your individual...
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