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    73 CB500 Motor $150

    I have a CB500 Motor that came out of my 1973 Honda CB500. It has carbs and a good clutch rod. I'm hoping to sell the engine complete, but I might consider parting out if there is no interest in the whole thing. Obviously, this would be for local pick up if it's sold complete. It is missing...
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    Cb500/550 swap

    I swapped a 550 motor from a 1974 bike into my 73 CB500. I purchased motor mounts from eBay so that it would have the correct bracket for the clutch cable. I installed the motor this weekend but do not have enough clearance for the clutch cable to mount or work properly. Anyone have any...
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    WTB front caliper 76 CB750F

    I need a front caliper assembly. Mine has a broken off/seized bleeder screw and it's missing the spring adjustment bolt.
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    CB550F Stock Parts for Sale

    Rear engine bracket. Clutch cable went through it prior to entering the case. I don't have a pic as I don't have one. I'm attempting a 550 motor swap into a 500 frame and need this to complete Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    CB550F Stock Parts for Sale

    Cable bracket? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    CB550F Stock Parts for Sale

    I could use the stock clutch cable and cable bracket if it's available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    made to order battery boxes and oil tank

    Got any sample pics of things you've done? I'm curious at what options are out there in terms of oil tank.
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    motorists wristwatch

    Let me know when and where. I'd like to join.
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    The Good Ol Bearing Retainer: In More Detail (Honda CB 500)

    Been a while since I've done mine, but mine was staked inside the holes, and not around the perimeter as mentioned by the other poster. I would commence to turning right if I were you. Do you have access to an air hammer?
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    motorists wristwatch

    Necky, you in Greensboro? Hell, I'm right down the road in Burlington.
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    The Good Ol Bearing Retainer: In More Detail (Honda CB 500)

    Retainer is reverse thread. I used an air hammer with a pointed bit to loosen it. It doesn't appear damaged beyond being able to re-use.
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    FS: Unused parts from '76 CB750f SS build - Ohio

    Ill take the air box if all the rubbers are still solid.
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    CB500 Rings Complete Set + CB550 Parts

    I'd be interested in the rings. Could you hit me up with the part number. I'm building a 73 CB500 engine.
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    76 cb750f part out

    What shape is the fuse box in?
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    FS: Dime City brat seat with upsweep.

    $130 shipped?
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    parting out 72 CB500f

    I'd be interested in the complete motor. Could you check compression? What would you want for the motor assy? Where are you located in SC?
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    Budget build CB500

    Front is a 18 rear is a 17. I'll get u the sizes when I get home this evening.
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    CB500 Clutch

    I know it's a dead horse. We've all heard it before. A CB500 with clutch issues. That being said, mine is slipping hard in 5th. Well, I think it's slipping. In 5th gear only it does this hard hesitation/fish biting. No other gear is this felt. In first, I'm more than certain it's...
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    Spark advance/timing problem CB500

    Got IT!!!. Spark advance cam was 180 degrees out of phase.
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