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    SE MI groups?

    Well, its been a long while. But i'm done with school and really want to get the bike in order so I can start enjoying it. I live in Macomb Township. Just looking to connect with those that have been there done that so I can pick their brains. I have never done a bike before, but I think...
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    Hello from SE MI

    I registered over a year ago, but have been finishing school. I had picked up a 76 CB550 and play on it being my learning tool in creating a cafe of some kind. I look forward to learning a lot from those in the know. ;) Thanks, Chris PS i'll get some before pics up asap.
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    SE MI groups?

    I picked up a 76 CB550 a couple years ago... its been sitting while I finished design school. Now I am ready to dig in. I would love to connect with locals to stand on their knowledge as I try to learn. ;) I'll have to pose some before pis as I being to my journey. Thanks, Chris
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    So apparently I just bought a CB550 :|

    Yea, I did it. Picked up a fairly clean 76 cb550. First bike really. Had a FZR600 12ish years ago for about a month... I can't wait to get this thing dialed in and running real nice. Should be an interesting learning curve... going to lean on everyone here for help I plan on doing a cafe...
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