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  1. VonYinzer

    Title Issue - Newer Bike

    Ok folks... Looking for some help here. Buddy picked up a no-title Buell Blast. It's a 2007 (which is the issue methinks). He attempted to go the VT route but due to it's age they require a copy of the original title, which doesn't exist. Sooo... Anyone have any other options here? PA is a...
  2. VonYinzer

    It's cool man, it's just barhopper Sporty.

    No. Lol... It's still up on the bench. Tons of new parts sitting in boxes on the shelf. Still figuring out exactly what I want to do with it. In the meantime I've been preoccupied with the new scoot.
  3. VonYinzer

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    So I did a thing today...
  4. VonYinzer

    CB350 Motor Near Pittsburgh

    Hey all. Good friend of mine is building a 72 CB350 and would like to pick up a parts motor. Anyone have one lying around they'd part with? Thanks! -Mike
  5. VonYinzer

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    What's left of a '73 Ironhead. The motor is all there and the frame is straight. But that's it lol. It was a buddy's dads. Had to force him to take a $100 for it as he kept telling me he "don't want a damn dime". Last together and running "hell I don't know, around '84 or something".
  6. VonYinzer

    It's cool man, it's just barhopper Sporty.

    So... Through what might possibly be the most convoluted, overly complicated (it involves a quad, two Harleys from two different states, a couple chopper frames, a Sporty frame from Philly, multiple trips to various state motor vehicle offices, a title for a bike that I think got scrapped in NY...
  7. VonYinzer

    1972/78 XS650 Heavy Metal Hardtail

    Need someone to find the high res image file. Or make another one. I'll front the cash for an order of patches.
  8. VonYinzer

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

  9. VonYinzer

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Some cool stuff for the eventual cool bike that I plan on eventually putting together so I can eventually ride it somewhere fun to eventually hang with some of you folks again. Eventually. Picked 'em up from our man amongst the boys, Deviant for a steal. Now I just need to get them from Bama...
  10. VonYinzer

    FZR1000 Braking inconsistently

    This may sound dumb, but as you check the brake components, go over the entire wheel and make sure everything is nice and tight as well. All fasteners, axle adjusters, etc...
  11. VonYinzer

    '79 cb750f lower engine hanger bolt

    If you just need a bolt that size, not a factory Honda part, call your local Fastenal or check McMaster Carr. Really any industrial fastener supplier.
  12. VonYinzer

    New - From Wyoming (Yes it's one of the fifty states) Just in case you haven't h

    Welcome to DTT. Don't see a ton of the 650s around. It'll be cool to see what you come up with. Make sure you start a build thread so everyone can follow along and help out when needed. With both the bike and any booze related issues.
  13. VonYinzer

    1972 Nopar Volksrod Hellride

    I will definitely be losing sleep. Yes. Thwarted again. :-*
  14. VonYinzer

    1972 Nopar Volksrod Hellride

  15. VonYinzer

    1972 Nopar Volksrod Hellride

    Dig around ebay... Lots of old, cheap and rebuildable angled gearboxes that could solve your steering problem. Like so:
  16. VonYinzer

    New signup

    Welcome to DTT. Smokers for the win.
  17. VonYinzer


    I see you have tyres... Do you have any tires? Not sure if yours will fit our bikes over here in the Colonies. ;) Always interested in neat ad copy or old posters if you're letting any go.
  18. VonYinzer

    Exhaust Swap Question

    Awesome! Glad to hear it.
  19. VonYinzer

    Baja Yaris - for shits and giggles

    Fucking weird. I love it.
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