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  1. trackfiend

    Just finished 1978 XS750 Triple

    Very nice!
  2. trackfiend

    '82 GS 450 L - Sprayed and Cafe'd

    Nice job man! Makes me realize I need to get off my ass and get back to work on my 450.
  3. trackfiend

    73' TX650

    Re: 73' TX750 Beautiful bike man.
  4. trackfiend

    緑のドラゴン KZ750

    SWEET JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome work man.
  5. trackfiend

    Zuk GS450E Cafe

    Well after a long sleep I am proud to say that I am finally getting back to the bike. I had to put it aside for a while so I could reassemble my car that had been sitting patiently while I started on the bike. Then I ended up having to move everything when we bought a new house. I am finally...
  6. trackfiend

    Suzuki GS450 Parts + nice set of carbs

    Sent you a PM. Wife has us in the middle of buying a house so everything has been a mess.
  7. trackfiend

    Suzuki GS450 Parts + nice set of carbs

    Do you still have the carbs by chance? Very interested.
  8. trackfiend

    DFW area event!

    Thought you guys might be interested in this. Looks like it should be pretty cool. I will be there on the 26th, without my bike though unfortunately. They will have a bike show as well so I think it should be over run with Cafe's. Anyway here is the link if you guys want to check it out. Hope to...
  9. trackfiend

    Something Different .... Ninja Cafe

    Now that is cool and different!
  10. trackfiend

    Cafe Project Chela (My 1977 CB400F) Photos New Light Cluster

    Re: Cafe Project Chela (My 1977 CB400F) Nice work man!
  11. trackfiend

    Ceejay - Finished and registered!

    Very nice work. Clean and simple I think are what make it so sharp.
  12. trackfiend


    Those are the Titan wheels I believe. Should be 18's too.
  13. trackfiend

    CB550F Cafe Interceptor

    Re: CB550F Interceptor Must see more pics! This extremely nice work.
  14. trackfiend

    Zuk GS450E Cafe

    Thanks for the comments guys. Haven't done much lately but hope to get rolling again soon.
  15. trackfiend

    GS450-Where to get rear-sets

    I have an 81 and have not been able to find a bolt on application yet either. I have a set from an 06 GSXR that I am currently working on making a pair of adapter plates that will allow me to bolt them to the frame. I plan on using the factory mounting points on the frame to attach the adapters...
  16. trackfiend

    Plan B

    Sorry guys, I haven't been on much due to work and family stuff. I do have a build thread with build pics. The interceptor is the seat I went with, I really like the quality and the design. Anyway here is the link to my build.
  17. trackfiend

    1979 KZ650 build - "Painters Tape"

    Re: 1979 KZ650 build - "Peg Leg" Bike's looking really nice man.
  18. trackfiend

    Wire frame Glass seat

    That's awesome! I haven't seen that site before and appreciate you posting the link.
  19. trackfiend

    my cafe 5$ seat

    Looks good. What did you use for the pad and did you use a base to staple the upholstery to?
  20. trackfiend

    Project Spartan: Completed (another CB360)

    Re: CB360 from Dallas I'm southwest of Ft. Worth by about 30 minutes or so. In the bustling metropolis of Granbury. Haha
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