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  1. Brodie

    1949 Ford F-3 "old red truck"

    Nice score. Should clean up alright by the look of it.
  2. Brodie

    guernz's '79 SR

    That came out quite nice.
  3. Brodie

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Last of the side ports. Nice find. Don't see the low slung exhaust too often either. Also welcome back.
  4. Brodie

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    I bought this very stock shit box as a run around to replace my Ford Ranger. Only 156k miles on the old girl. Needed a water pump and timing belt. Still need either a turbo oil seal or new valve seals. Not likely to get either for a while as it only gets used a few times a week.
  5. Brodie

    "Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750

    The 2 big and 2 small stripes look great TJ. My vote is for them as well.
  6. Brodie

    "Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750

    Looking good TJ, can't wait to see the end result.
  7. Brodie

    Jerry's Follies

    Baby powder can help to prevent pinches on the inner tube. I always treat the tube as if it is made of tissue paper. Also when you first inflate the tube only put a few psi in and then check to make sure it isn't caught anywhere and that the valve is aligned with the rim still.
  8. Brodie

    The 'leftovers' project - XS650

    Nice, very tight by the looks.
  9. Brodie

    Brodie's W800

    Been over a year since and update. Nothing really has changed except the odometer reading and tyres. Here are two shots from rides when I have remembered to take them.
  10. Brodie

    1976 Honda MR175 21st Century Refresh

    A friend of mine's uncle had his original MR50 that he had from when he was a kid. He would always drag it out and show it off when ever we went around to ride on his property. I tried for many years to buy it from him but he wasn't having it. Glad to see you finally have one, can't wait to...
  11. Brodie

    BSA Lightning Bobber

    Vice grips usually fit/create those sort of nuts.
  12. Brodie

    FT500 Supermoto Hellride

    Damn that tail section blends in perfect now it is red. Good effort.
  13. Brodie

    BSA 650L

    If I recall correctly, they are there to act as a heat insulator to prevent vapour issues when the engine is at very high temps. I have had great results soaking old rubber and plastic parts in brake fluid to restore them some what. Just don't leave them in there too long.
  14. Brodie

    New from Austin TX

    Welcome. Nice list of previous bikes. The Suzuki X6 is a cool bike. What is on your short list for your next bike? The BMW G310GS looks like a decent small ADV.
  15. Brodie

    budget sv650 cafe racer

    I agree with Jerry. Keep with the mags.
  16. Brodie

    1949 Ford F-3 "old red truck"

    If you do decide to convert to 12v there is always the option of adding electric power steering. I have seen a few mods done with the units and control boxes from early Toyota Prius.
  17. Brodie


    Welcome back ADC. Good to hear you are on the mend. What bikes are you working on at the moment?
  18. Brodie


    That's fantastic. Coming up quite nice. The build plate is a great addition as well.
  19. Brodie

    My DIY Cafe Racer tank is getting there at last.

    Coming together pretty well.
  20. Brodie

    "A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber, now with a sidecar

    Pity about the seat. Spacers are a nice touch though.
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