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  1. RedBullEnema

    Alloy Art Pan Light Headlight 7in Polished 7in Alloy Art Pan Light that I purchase from a local shop that was using it as a display. It was originally raw finish, but I wet sanded the unit and then polished by hand. It could probably still use one...
  2. RedBullEnema

    KZ650 Rear Wheel - $85 SHIPPED

    $85 SHIPPED ConUS. Original rear wheel from my '78 KZ650 B2 in great shape. I believe it was completely rebuilt by the previous owner about 1500 miles ago when I bought the bike. A few nicks in the finish but nice and straight, less than 1500 miles on new AllBalls bearings. Rim is nice and...
  3. RedBullEnema

    Polished KZ650 Forks

    Price drop; $125 SHIPPED ConUS.
  4. RedBullEnema

    Polished KZ650 Forks

    These forks are off my '78 Kawasaki KZ650. The previous owner rebuilt them with new tubes seals, dust covers and top caps. I put 1,232 miles on them before breaking the bike down to rebuild/improve. They are in excellent condition, function as they should, straight, and no leaks. I started...
  5. RedBullEnema

    Shorai battery exploded

    Oh man no way! Well, major foot in mouth moment for me, haha. I guess you just had some bad luck with this one? :-X Also, I hope that post didnt read as being specifically directed at you, I intended for it to be more of a PSA :)
  6. RedBullEnema

    Shorai battery exploded

    I cannot recommend this charger enough! Plug in once every one to two months for an evening to balance and check cell health and you'll never have an issue. IF there is some funny business going on with the internal balancing circuitry you're a helluva lot more likely to discover it before...
  7. RedBullEnema

    KZ650/750 DYNA 2000 Kit - Reduced to $325 - Brand New!

    Hey folks, looking to sell my new and unused DYNA 2000 kit. Unfortunately paying for my wedding takes financial precedence over my project :P This is the full kit that includes coils, just add plugs and wires...
  8. RedBullEnema

    Turning out some pretty sick powder workt his week!

    Man that is miiiiiighty tempting! So nice and smooth..
  9. RedBullEnema

    Turning out some pretty sick powder workt his week!

    Oh man, those Tokico calipers look great! What's required for the coating of those things..I would imagine removal of all piston and seal components?
  10. RedBullEnema

    NOS Yamaha XVZ1200 Headlight Glass - $20 SHIPPED

    NOS Yamaha XVZ1200 headlight glass for years '83-'85 according to Yamaha. NOS in original but unsealed packaging. Yamaha part no. 26H-2838E-00-00
  11. RedBullEnema

    Powder Coating with new bearings

    I dont think the heat is necessarily bad for the bearings, but it'll turn any lube into liquid and will probably run all over the place and mess with your PC. Pull the bearings.
  12. RedBullEnema

    Oil drain cracks

    Absolutely can be fixed! I had similar damage (almost identical) when I "bumped" ::) my bike against a curb. I found a very good/reputable welding shop in my area to take it to and was billed for 1 hour, mostly prep. That was almost two years ago now and havent had a single issue. Also, as long...
  13. RedBullEnema

    Tarozzi Rearset Brackets - 84-85 Yamaha FJ1100

    Never mounted Tarozzi Rearset brackets, check em out!
  14. RedBullEnema

    Rolling Pinch Weld Seams on Tanks

    Hey man, not much else to do while it's in a million pieces being rebuilt :P ;) Only reason I brought it up to begin with as my build is taking (in some cases, literally!) a lot of style/design cues from the Z1 900 which had the pinch welds underneath vs right on the edge as seen on the...
  15. RedBullEnema

    Rolling Pinch Weld Seams on Tanks

    Most of these older bike tanks have those kinda unsightly pinch weld seams on the tanks, and a little googling led me to this how-to video: Theres lot's of different opinions out there regarding structural integrity and such when it comes to doing...
  16. RedBullEnema

    Can I use VHT Header Paint on Engine Cases

    Agreed. The VTH Header paint requires a final heat cycle at 650*F whereas the Engine paint only requires a 200*F cure.
  17. RedBullEnema

    The best brands and type of paint

    I've had a lot of good luck with VHT's "High Temperature" series of paints. I mean, Im no professional painter, but I think they apply very easily and nicely and are a little more forgiving than others as far as runs and such (if you follow the directions). Best part being they are available at...
  18. RedBullEnema

    Generic Brake Rotors?

    Thank you guys for your input! Im still on the fence about it though..may search through the slough of Ebay listings and try to find a seller that has a ton of sales and good reviews. Its just the thought of spending ~$200 only to replace them shortly after is a painful thought :P
  19. RedBullEnema

    Generic Brake Rotors?

    Thanks for the offer, but Im looking for 320's 8) Thats what Im thinking, they're not intricate parts by any means. Was hoping someone would chime in with first hand experience. Bozz, what do you know about this MGear brand? Coincidentally, this China seller/manufacturer is selling a Pair...
  20. RedBullEnema

    Generic Brake Rotors?

    So, Im on the hunt for a set of rotors for my front end conversion, and originally I was going to go with EBC as they're a well known and established manufacturer of quality brake components, but surfing Ebay for a deal there are tons of these generics from China/Taiwan at about 65% of the cost...
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