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  1. pitt_russ

    Wanted: CB125/100 fork tubes, seat pan, others

    It's a 73 or a 74, can't really remember but those forks fit multiple years.
  2. pitt_russ

    Wanted: CB125/100 fork tubes, seat pan, others

    Here ya go
  3. pitt_russ

    Wanted: CB125/100 fork tubes, seat pan, others

    I'll get you some pictures
  4. pitt_russ

    Wanted: CB125/100 fork tubes, seat pan, others

    I have a set that are in nice condition, at least last time I checked they were.
  5. pitt_russ

    Needed CB100 Parts.

    Air tech cafe seat
  6. pitt_russ

    Needed CB100 Parts.

    I tried to show the small dent in the back corner. Pretty hard to see.
  7. pitt_russ

    Needed CB100 Parts.

    Here is the tank. There is some rust scaling but it shouldn't be hard to remove.
  8. pitt_russ

    New Mikuni VM26 carb

    Re: New Mikuni VM22 carb Dammit, thanks. It's been so long since I bought it.
  9. pitt_russ

    New Mikuni VM26 carb

    Brand new, never used.. $75 shipped
  10. pitt_russ

    Opinions on the CB125...

    This bike kinda sounds like a wreck to me and I bet you could do a lot better for your money. How big are you and where are you from? A cb125 is really small, maybe try looking for something a little bigger and reliable like a cb350. Just my opinion.
  11. pitt_russ

    New Joe Rocket Honda racing jacket size XL

    Vented, removable elbow and back padding, shoulder padding, cold weather liner. $150.00 shipped.
  12. pitt_russ

    New Dynatek electronic ignition for CB500/550/750

    Brand new still in the box, $110.00 shipped
  13. pitt_russ

    Need! Cb 175 tank 68-69

    Did you ever find a tank? I have one.
  14. pitt_russ

    '81XS650 used to be a chop. ♡♥♡♥♡

    Re: '81XS650 chop. ♡♥♡♥♡ Brad has the most tender rectum.. It's like warm ground beef
  15. pitt_russ

    Cafe & Vintage bike nights (aka Family Dinner) in Pittsburgh

    This is pretty awesome.. I'm right in Mt. Washington. Are they gonna do this on a regular basis?
  16. pitt_russ

    Engine parts for CB550.

    I have a parts motor that actually just took apart today. Most of the parts look to be in good condition if you wanna make me an offer for anything.
  17. pitt_russ

    IRC NR53 tires 2.50x18 SOLD

    Re: IRC NR53 tires 2.50x18 I'll take those
  18. pitt_russ

    Black Bar End Mirrors

    I can take those off your hands
  19. pitt_russ

    1975 CB125 parts

    You'd actually be a lot better off going with a drum in front if you can, the disk brake is pretty useless. I also forgot to mention that you'd need new triples if you go with newer model forks. Newer forks don't screw in like the 75 model.
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