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  1. coyote13

    Take 2: CB750K2 Steampunk(ish) Bobber Thing

    There's a trick with the K7/K8 insulators, in that you can use 2x each of the two NOS parts that are available. Whichever ones you can still buy, you mount in the correct position. The other two can be rotated 180* over and function properly for the other two cylinders. Apparently Honda...
  2. coyote13

    1976 Honda CB550 (my first build ever) rebuild cafe

    Don't let the button return spring (or any other small very loseable parts) pop out if you take your starter switch apart!
  3. coyote13

    Take 2: CB750K2 Steampunk(ish) Bobber Thing

    Hey Noddy that's the right paint color but Stroker is right, I am in the good ole US of A. Might be an issue shipping... I'm not even sure what the regs are on shipping aerosol overseas.
  4. coyote13

    Take 2: CB750K2 Steampunk(ish) Bobber Thing

    If you decide to do a nice off white, I have a couple cans of 2k custom mixed for a Porsche Ivory White that was only used one or two years on the 356. I'll have to check the years and paint code if you want, but they're sitting in a box and will likely never get used, if you think you'd use it...
  5. coyote13

    1976 CB360 scrambler/tracker/heck of I know!

    So fresh and so clean clean. As much as I dig what you're doing with this 360, where can we go check out your Willy's builds?! They've been on my mind for a few months for some reason
  6. coyote13

    '78 CB750K basket case (but complete)

  7. coyote13

    Dyna S and coil problems

    The problem I ran into with my Dyna S was that the slots drilled in the plate didn't allow adequate adjustment on one set of cylinders (I believe it was 2/3 but it's been about 6 or 7 years since I did this), in other words was severely retarding spark timing. If I recall correctly I think I...
  8. coyote13

    '78 CB750K basket case (but complete)

    Lord knows that's the truth but in between planning a wedding and trying to sell a house I just don't have the time to part it out.
  9. coyote13

    '78 CB750K basket case (but complete)

    Appreciate the input. I figured around 1500 for the bike itself plus around 500 in additional new in the box parts was in the ballpark, at least for an asking price.
  10. coyote13

    '78 CB750K basket case (but complete)

    Price too high? Make me an offer!
  11. coyote13

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    Bump start for the win! ;D
  12. coyote13

    '78 CB750K basket case (but complete)

    Almost forgot, I'll also be throwing in a new never used Cycle X oil cooler attachment. Such a cool little piece of engineering, wish I had gotten around to running it. C'est la vie.
  13. coyote13

    '78 CB750K basket case (but complete)

    Well, times they are a changing. I rode this old gal for about 5 years, put a hell of a lot of miles on her and smiles on my face, truly hate to see her go. But, alas, I am moving and I don't think I can take her with me. About three years ago I pulled the motor for the infamous leaky head...
  14. coyote13

    CT70 restomod/grom killer

    Sounds excessive. You got my vote!
  15. coyote13

    Buying Honda CB250 1975

    If you don't want another money pit you're probably gonna wanna buy a running rideable bike. Buying a complete unknown "ran when parked" is almost guaranteed to need some $$$'s thrown at it. That being said, if all the major components are there and the motor isn't stuck, it probably won't be...
  16. coyote13

    My CB100 Cafe Racer exhaust

    I guess that's what I meant, just poorly worded. Thanks for clarifying dd
  17. coyote13

    My CB100 Cafe Racer exhaust

    I believe that's just the nature of the carburetor, crack the throttle too fast and you basically flood it. Not uncommon on old motos.
  18. coyote13

    My CB100 Cafe Racer exhaust

    Waldo, you'd do well to combine your multiple posts into one cohesive/coherent post. You'll likely get a lot more (and better) feedback that way. It looks like you decided to keep the exhaust stock, from what I've heard there isn't a lot you can do better than the original Honda factory...
  19. coyote13

    Reliability CB100

    First question, does it run now and how well? There are quite a few variables with motos this old, but if you have good compression, no leaks, charging and ignition systems functioning properly, clean carb (and fuel), and a good state of tune, you should be blessed with many, many miles of...
  20. coyote13

    Springer forks on a 82 kz440

    The only thing I would say is that DNA are cheap and plentiful, but cheap for a reason. Under the weight of a Harley, many have been known to crack. On a little 440, might be able to get away with it?
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