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  1. Blue Haze

    fork sag - old oil?

    Valve springs from a pushrod V-8 make good spacers as well and act as a poor man's progressive spring.
  2. Blue Haze

    WHOA! Very Scary Problem....

    That phenomena actually is called "dieseling." Two strokes are prone to it. Your fuel-air mixture starts to auto-ignite upon compression (like a diesel). It's not good for the motor, but the bike won't take off on its own. As soon as you place any load on the engine, it will cut out. In the...
  3. Blue Haze

    Ephrata first Sunday ride

    I'm putting together a group ride to Ephrata for their first Sunday gathering. We are meeting at the Wa Wa in Skippack at Rt. 73 & 113. If you are interested in joining, we will leave from there around 7:30. From there it is about 120 miles round-trip. We'll be taking 113 to 23 to 322, so if...
  4. Blue Haze

    '76 RD-400 & '84 RZ tree-fitty

    Here they are:
  5. Blue Haze

    Philly area meet?

    On the first Sunday morning of each month there is a gathering in Ephrata, if anyone is interested.
  6. Blue Haze

    Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

    Thanks. My current project is a 12'X30' detached garage to store my toys and free up space to turn the attached garage into a proper workshop. It takes so long to set up my welding/powdercoating/sandblasting equipment each time I use it that I let projects slide or even worse, use paint.
  7. Blue Haze

    Is it still a cage when the top is down?

    '68 DeVille Convertible
  8. Blue Haze

    Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

    Ask and ye shall receive. I don't have a pic of the Kawi or Suzuki readily available.
  9. Blue Haze

    Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

    Bart- Kulpsville, PA (Lansdale exit of the Turnpike NE extension) 1976 RD-400 1984 RZ-350 1985 EN-454 (wife's) 1994 RF-900 2001 HD Softail 2002 ZZR-1200
  10. Blue Haze

    New guy in Philly 'burbs

    Hi, I just discovered this site. Anyway, here are my two cafe-ed toys: '84 RZ-350 and a '76 RD-400
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