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  1. Mad Ratter

    Front fender inspiration

    I fabbed one up from an old plastic Triumph Bonnie mudguard, cut and shaped to how i wanted it and made 2 ally brackets either side to mount it, worked pretty good. Ignore the ugly bolts, they are much neater now and painted guard and powder coated brackets drilled the sides as well for asthetics.
  2. Mad Ratter

    Whats the smallest amp battery I can use?

    This is what Shorai recommend for yours with electric start: I think the Anti-Gravity and Balistic batteries are a bit smaller, I have a custom GS550 (see signature for the link) I have put the smallest...
  3. Mad Ratter

    SR500 build

    This is looking bloody good! I'm following this one, good luck, have recently aquired an SR myself and am doing a "rolling build" on her, meaning that I'm trying to keep it running while I do the mods, as I need it for transport! :)
  4. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    Measure the OD with a vernier, then look on the K&N website, but be careful as the ones listed for my model DO NOT FIT properly and the ouside ones hit the frame, 52mm sounds mighty big, but then mine are completely different carbs, not sure that pods work well on those CV carbs either. I had to...
  5. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    As far as I know there are no lowering kits, but its dead easy, remove the damper rod and put a spacer behind the damper spring of whatever length you want to lower it by. I just used some old handlebar tube which was a perfect fit (7/8") and machined the ends square. You will have to remove the...
  6. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    Here is a drawing of the caliper plate, the curve goes against the caliper and I think the spacers were made from ally and were 24mm thick by 24mm Dia. Picture too of the machined parts. Good luck, let me know how you get on.
  7. Mad Ratter

    Finished building my wife's CB350

    Nice job! clean, simple and how you want it, you should be very proud 8)
  8. Mad Ratter

    New look for the RD400

    Thats a sweet looking bike! , glad to see its in regular use too, wish I could pick up an RD for reasonable money!
  9. Mad Ratter

    The Suzuki Stinger

    Looking like a real challenge! Hey, I saw the dealer sticker on the back, not sure who they were then, but I work for City Motorcycles (The Pacific Motorcycle Co.) in Vanguard Street, Nelson!!
  10. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    Let me know if you go with the SV calipers and I can give you dimensions etc for the caliper mount plate,
  11. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    That looks a real nice build, high quality!!! It looks like you have, pardon me for saying it, cheap Emgo type filters, not used them before but many have not had a great deal of success with them, best to get the real K&N's then you know its good!!! Get RC-0884, its a kit that includes 2x K&N...
  12. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    Thanks wership, I gotta say it was a real surprise to get it featured on that site, well stoked with that!
  13. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    She made to The Bike Shed website too, really stoked that they featured it, see it here: and some "studio" photos here:
  14. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    I went with the original size, 120/80-18 BT45, I did think about a larger one, but wanted it to handle and steer correctly, I think if you want to go bigger you should lace a wider rim, maybe a 4" for a 130+ otherwise it could be sluggish to turn and the tyre profile would be compromised trying...
  15. Mad Ratter

    XS650 "Tina Marie"

    I'm in! Looking good, as one of these baby's is my next project!
  16. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    The bars in the pic you refer to are wide low MX bars, no brand, just bought off the NZ auction site Trade Me. I have Renthal Ultra Low road bars now, the gauge was from Mikes XS. same ratio as Yamaha's, perfect! all led too, works real well.
  17. Mad Ratter

    Stray Dog GS550 Studio photos

    Hi all, I thought there was a section for showing off completed builds? Anyway, I couldn't find so I hope no-one objects to this. Thought I would share some recent photos of the completed "Stray Dog" project, photos taken in my lounge at home :). No matter what I try though I just can't seem to...
  18. Mad Ratter

    1979 Suzuki GS550 Rookie Brat Build

    Just carburation update for you, dont want to take this off topic, but with the 'Trapp' and K&N pods, needle at centre position, 107.5 main jets, pilot air screw out 2.5 turns (or one turn out from factory settings) Pilot fuel screw one turn in from factory settings, standard pilot jet. Runs...
  19. Mad Ratter

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    Antwan, this was my first build, sheer bloody-mindedness, determination, coupled with a plan and plenty of patience! Oh and depending on how ambitious you want to be, be prepared to pour a significant amount of cash into it too. A repair booklet? is that an owners manual? Get a proper manual...
  20. Mad Ratter

    Problems with coil with Dynatek ignition

    Hi Guys, have build a GS550 special (see link on signature) have Dynatek electronic ignition, originaly fitted the green 3 Ohm dyna coils, but cooked one so went back to originals, but it seems I still have problems on 1&4 coil, even went back to putting dyna coil back on, which seemed to do the...
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