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  1. C.Horne

    The Official OHIO Roll Call.

    It's not exactly right around the corner, but we have a couple passes for Road America next weekend. If anyone has a DCC sticker slapped up somewhere, take a pic and throw it on the DCC facebook post. Most likes wins, so you can figure out how to rig that. Long drive from Ohio, but we're talking...
  2. C.Horne

    Wisconsin DTT Members?

    What up Wisconsin. You guys have best chance of actually getting the MotoAmerica races at Road America next weekend. So if you have any DCC stickers slapped up on something take a quick pic and post it on DCC facebook. Most likes wins, so shouldn't be too hard to enlist some friends to help tip...
  3. C.Horne

    The Official OHIO Roll Call.

    What's up my Ohio Brethren! While I may be stuck down in the sunny land of straight, flat, & boring roads, I still dearly miss the riding of N.E. Ohio! Raised in Cleveland, educated in C-Bus, living down in Tampa area now, but still I suffer from withdrawal of those Eastern Ohio & Western PA...
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