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    MGD's 1975 CB360T

    Fellow wisconsinite here, moved from mke to burlington. I also have a 360.
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    MAC 2 INTO 1 CB360

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    lets see some pics of that vette, at least i think its the rear end of a vette....
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    Hello all from Fresno. Project KZ650

    I think some low rise street tracker bars would be the tits on this.
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    trackin xv750

    Just an observation, but isnt that a bit close to the battery box?
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    Back in black, a cb360 story.

    Decided to take a chance and bought shinko 712's. A buddy of mine runs them on a cb450 with magwheels, so I have no idea if these will work with tubes. Should be here in a few days. Bought headlight ears and a 4 in 1 speedo from...
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    need CL360 pipes

    Bump for some exhaust glory!
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    '68 CL450 Scramblin' Man

    if your interested I have a 68 CL450 parts bike.... complete if your looking to buy.
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    71' CB500 monoshock with no name...O2 sensor success!

    Re: 71' CB500 monoshock with no name...but she runs now (vid on page14) I just realized you have the battery strapped just behind the forks. wow, thats pretty inventive....
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    73 Honda cb350

    Pretty sure OP lives in australia.
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    Found in the middle of nowhere in Michigan...

    Pretty desperate for a set of cl360 pipes.
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    need CL360 pipes

    help me obi wan kenobi, your my only hope!
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    Back in black, a cb360 story.

    I have new fork seals, and an engine gasket set in my possession, and a carb rebuild kits ordered. With the above tires, any suggestions? I'm heavily considering the AVON'S since so many use them around here.
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    Back in black, a cb360 story.

    By some form of miracle, i am back into bikes.... The better part is that I bought the bike I sold some time ago, and once again it has come into my posession. The bad part is that its worse off than when I sold it to him. Theres a lot to do. I think the best part is when I left the scene...
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    need CL360 pipes

    I also have a pair of billet alum rearsets i would trade!
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    1970 Honda CL450 "Ginger"

    My god this thing is sexy
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    New to cafe racers

    No, but make sure you properly jet the carbs so it runs properly
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    need CL360 pipes

    Bump for the morning crowd.
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    need CL360 pipes

    looking for the pipes and flanges.... well, maybe just the pipes. No can, no brackets are fine. PM me and we can talk.
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    Wisconsin DTT Members?

    Burlington here.
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