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  1. Reddy

    1972 Suzuki T500 Titan family project

    Nice job John. Totally cool to see all that stuff working with the turn of a key. Zoom,zoom!
  2. Reddy

    1972 Suzuki T500 Titan family project

    oil line Hey John, The oil tank is lookin' good with a coat of paint on it. I am thinking you could get an oil line made at a hose shop. The one in the link below advertises custom hoses while you wait. I would take the tank and the old line to show them and maybe even that picture of the...
  3. Reddy

    Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - New oil tank

    New direction Got side tracked for awhile. Tried to get back into finishing this project but everything I touched seemed to turn into doggy doo doo. Gave up. Made my brother-in-law a deal he could not refuse and he will be taking the bike home tomorrow. He is hot to get it running but...
  4. Reddy

    needed, t500 parts for resto

    I have a bunch of parts available from a very clean 72 t-500. Gas tank, oil tank, exhaust, seat, battery tray, all lights, wiring harness, air cleaner boot and box. A pic of the bike is here and you can get an idea of what was removed. Let me...
  5. Reddy

    My Suzi T500 Project *It's Alive Video*

    Re: My Suzi T500 Project I'm curious about what you have in mind for a tank to go with the RS125 tail. I do like that tail. Bike is startin' to look awesome. Keep up the good work.
  6. Reddy

    Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - New oil tank

    Mellow is likely a good description and it may stay that way. I had a Suzuki x6 250 and it was far from mellow. Mellow is ok but if this thing can't "smoke" all the cages then it will need to be "fixed". I have only ridden the bike about 20 miles and that was all at 60mph on the expressway...
  7. Reddy

    Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - New oil tank

    I am kinda waffling on the porting. I know there is easy hosepower to be had with this engine as I am fairly sure it is stock at present. However it is a fresh engine and I think I'll probably just leave it stock for now. I am planning on getting it all put together and ride it for a month or...
  8. Reddy

    Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - New oil tank

    The rear part of the tray will hold my small battery and also provide a structure to hang on the frame and support the rear of the tank. As it turned out my dimensions were off slightly so in order to swing the tank into final position under the frame I had to cut away the front portion of the...
  9. Reddy

    Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - New oil tank

    Re: Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - Oil Tank Got the oil tank! Hotdoggy. Does not mean I am close to finished but this is a major step. I am more than pleased with the tank. Curt Owen ( did an awesome job. These are pictures that Curt took and...
  10. Reddy

    CL125 Cafe "lil Frank"

    Looks like Cliff Road above Capitola.
  11. Reddy

    79' GS550 cafe build (i hope)

    Welcome to DDT. I love all the early GS bike.
  12. Reddy

    Starting a Cafe Project...

    A very popular bike with which to start a cafe project. Lots of parts are available. If it was running when stored it should not take too much to get it going again.
  13. Reddy

    It may exist... The worlds coolest motorcycle?

    As for the flattie....... A really nice bike. Not my cup of tea but I do appreciate any motorcycle that has been put together with thought and a lot of attention to detail. "Worlds coolest"? Not even close. If a bobber could even be worlds coolest I would vote for the Vincent that is...
  14. Reddy

    How about this as an oil tank?

    I was in the US Navy. White , black, two shade of grey and good old seafoam green. That is every color paint they used onboard. I fucking HATE seafoam green. :P However that little gas tank could be really cool if you can make it work. 8)
  15. Reddy

    An obsession grows. I must have one.

    The old Ford axle with the spring on top would still look cool at the front end and be effective. I'm just thinkin' the independent suspension would be more tunable. These little light three wheelers really have ultra quick handling.
  16. Reddy

    Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - New oil tank

    Re: Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - Minor frame tweek I am having a tank fabricated by a specialty tank guy. If it turns out as I hope it should be cool. Least I hope so. It is due to be shipped soon.
  17. Reddy

    An obsession grows. I must have one.

    Sounds like a cool project. I like everything you are proposing except the old Ford front suspension. Even that old Morgan had independent front suspension and how hard can that be if you are not using front wheel drive?
  18. Reddy

    Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - New oil tank

    Re: Little Red - '72 Suzuki T500 - Minor frame tweek Black is not my frame color for this build but I still wish the frame pictured above was mine. I have a ton of work left to do on the frame when I tear this thing down for painting and that just seems to make actually finishing this project...
  19. Reddy

    HeLLo from CroatiA!

    I'm liking what I see.......alot. This could be a favorite.
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