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  1. Bobdot

    Found my next BIG project...

    I cant complain too much, life is a trip. Haven't thought about the forum in years but came across a DTT banner buried in the garage yesterday that sparked some good memories. Been fun scrolling through the old threads and banter. Still building bikes, still drinking beers, and still talking...
  2. Bobdot

    Found my next BIG project...

    'sup fuckers?
  3. Bobdot

    '94 CB1000F Endurance Race-Rep

    I swear I finish things Done, dusted, wheels ridden off, and sold. bob.
  4. Bobdot

    Philly and surrounding area BANTER THREAD!

    I dont have a street bike anymore but I do still love drinking beer. The new Borough Brewhouse in Jenkintown is open now right?
  5. Bobdot

    Philly and surrounding area BANTER THREAD!

    new life, who dis? where outside of philly? I'm in King of Prussia bob.
  6. Bobdot

    Found my next BIG project...

    Lemme just dust this here computator keyboard off... Yes this project went deep into the "maybe someday" bin, still love the drixtons tho. Yea wife and kids, blah blah blah, really haven't been on here much because when you do this stuff for a living 50+ hours a week, kinda the last thing you...
  7. Bobdot

    WTB: RFY 13" (330mm) eye-eye Shock

    Looking to buy a single 12.5" - 13" eye to eye gas shock (RFY or similar) for a pit bike project I'm working on. Anyone have one laying around?? bob.
  8. Bobdot

    Fuck liquid cooled motorcycles.

  9. Bobdot

    Fuck liquid cooled motorcycles.

    Overheating is generally a fairly straight forward fix, only a couple of critical components to cause a failure. What's not working? Fan not coming on or water not circulating? bob.
  10. Bobdot

    Please help!can anyone ID this gas tank?

    Looks like a Honda CX500 tank to me bob.
  11. Bobdot

    Brand New XS750 Triple Tank NOS

    Yea, sold it a while ago. Such a nice tank, a shame I didn't have a use for it yet. bob.
  12. Bobdot

    WTB cb350 k2 bottom crank case

    I have K4 cases for sale if you need bob
  13. Bobdot

    Mikuni TM28 Carbs - Flat Slides for CB350 or similar

    these bad boys are hitting up the auction block shortly, let me know if your interested. bob.
  14. Bobdot

    Mikuni TM28 Carbs - Flat Slides for CB350 or similar

    Selling my pair of Genuine Mikuni 28mm flat slides. Originally intended for my Cb350 build which is now no more so they're just collecting dust. These should work great on any 350cc or similar sized engine. Note: These are NOT jetted for any particular engine. Proper jetting is the buyers...
  15. Bobdot

    35mm Clip ons - $50

    Selling my 35mm chrome clip-ons I had for a XS650 front end project that is now defunct. Bright and shiny, these bad boys have never been torqued down, only used for mock-up. Never seen grip glue or a wrench. $50 takes them shipping included in the lower 48. PM me if you're interested. bob.
  16. Bobdot

    SL350 Rear Shocks, fit CB,CL

    Parting out my '72 CB350, these shocks are originally from a SL350 but work great with CB's and CL's. Chrome is in great shape and black paint is original and in great condition. $50 + shipping. I have lots of CB/CL350 parts, let me know what you need, I just might have it.
  17. Bobdot

    Hello from Southeast PA

    where 'bouts in Southeast PA? I'm in KOP, lots of experience with the ol' CB350 bob.
  18. Bobdot

    Care to share a little inspiration?

    essential pics of the daily scroll through:
  19. Bobdot

    Need help identifying this bike
  20. Bobdot

    Looking to possibly buy a CB 350 Frame

    I've got a '72 CB350 Frame for sale with clean title. In great condition, seat tabs have been shaved. Take a look at my 350 project in my signature to check out the bike it came from. I'm just north of Philadelphia, PA, let me know if you're interested. Shoot me an offer. bob.
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