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  1. xs650joe

    The Official OHIO Roll Call.

    Hey gsxrcirk, You should join the Columbus Vinmoto group and come to our Monday night get togethers @ Bodega (1044 North High Street) Monday nights 7 - 10pm. Joe
  2. xs650joe

    Vintage Guitars

    '65 SG JR. and Les Paul Studio + Marshall JCM800 Full Stack = ROCK & ROLL
  3. xs650joe

    soundtrack to the madness...
  4. xs650joe

    1972 Yamaha R5 350 "A Clockwork Orange" D-U-N Done! Well, at least for now.

    Re: 1972 Yamaha R5 350 "A Clockwork Orange" The Newtronic ignition from HVC is only $181 I'm sure I have one of those washers laying around. Let me see if I can dig one up for you.
  5. xs650joe

    Women on bikes...

    I guess I'm lucky. Both my girls ride. The wife on her '68 cb350 and my daughter on the trike.
  6. xs650joe

    Keeping stock rear fender 78K 750

    I decided to keep the fender on my xs650.
  7. xs650joe

    HEY!!.. Whos Doing an XS650 Build or who Rides an XS650?...

    I've got a 1976 xs650. First street bike I bought. Had it since 1988 and will NEVER sell it. xs650's RULE!!!
  8. xs650joe

    A couple of tanks and seats

    My buddy Greg at Ohio Cafe Racers makes a nice cb350 tank. Looks like the link on his page isn't working right now. Nice looking tanks.
  9. xs650joe

    Columbus Cafe

    I don't think Eric is on DTT. You can always ask him on the CO-OH page. What questions did you have? Joe SBRacing Cols, OH.
  10. xs650joe

    Columbus Cafe

    Nice to see the CO-OH Vinmoto scene grow!! Joe SBRacing
  11. xs650joe

    Mid-Ohio July 24-26, 2009

    Just trying to have some fun but seriously it's a blast to camp right at the track. You can usually camp out right next to your car if you want. More fun than anything else that's still legal. Joe SBRacing Cols OH
  12. xs650joe

    Mid-Ohio July 24-26, 2009

    Hotels?? We don't need no stinkin' hotels. Tent and sleeping bag is where it's at. Wake up to the sound of two-strokes and the smell of racing fuel. Better than any alarm clock. Attention in the padock, attention in the padock, first call race 1...... Joe SBRacing Cols, OH
  13. xs650joe

    Mid-Ohio July 24-26, 2009

    Vintage Days is my favorite weekend of the year. We'll be there Thurs thru Sun just like we have for the last 10 years. Come by and say hi. Joe SBRacing Cols, OH
  14. xs650joe

    help/ideas with cafe seat mounting issue

    I made mine from aluminum u channel and an old street sign. I used old mouse pads between the fiberglass and the aluminum seatpan to absorb shock. Bolted it all together because I dont weld too good yet. Used the original rd350 seat hardware to mount it to the frame so it opens easily. Nice...
  15. xs650joe

    NooB from ohio

    Hey Loudest143, Where are you located in central Ohio? You should hook up with our Vinmoto group My brother has a gs750 that he's fixin up. stay warm Joe
  16. xs650joe

    WTD:32 or 34 mm carbs

    You'll want to stick with the Mikuni VM carbs for the RD. I don't think you can use the BS34's. joe
  17. xs650joe

    Wrapping up the XS transformation

    I agree they both look nice. Let me know what you want for the one you decide NOT to use. joe
  18. xs650joe

    The Official OHIO Roll Call.

    Yea, the CO-OH VinMoto thing is going strong. Our first meeting was last year on 8/13/2007 so I guess we're a year old. Monday nights have been drawing more and more people. I've met some really cool people that I probably wouldn't have met without it. Hope to see some DOT members out some...
  19. xs650joe

    mid ohio

    I'll be there Thursday - Sunday holding down the CO-OH Vinmoto fort. Stop by for a sticker. Joe
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