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  1. mrlvlagic

    Need cb/cl360 front fender

    pm sent
  2. mrlvlagic

    Cb360 front wheel, 25mm axle. Ideas??

    You need to get the machined hub from cognitomoto... Tls, gsxrs, busas...most suzuki newer sportsbikes run the 25mm axle Thats the most expensive but also easiest way ive found. The other way is to find a harley d rim/hub and try to...
  3. mrlvlagic

    Inverted Forks and stuff

    as a matter of fact I do... The Axle size is 25mm
  4. mrlvlagic

    Hey y'all from GA

    Welcome, Hephzibah/Augusta Here
  5. mrlvlagic

    $300 to media blast a frame???

    Im with Tim on this one. I got my TLR frame, subframe, swinger, and both rims blasted and PC'd for 350.
  6. mrlvlagic

    CB360 parts Blowout!

    Forks sold
  7. mrlvlagic

    Shifter for CB/CL 360?

    Ive got one if you want it... 15 shipped
  8. mrlvlagic

    Inverted Forks and stuff

    Hey guys I have 2 pairs of inverted forks, front axles, triple trees, rims etc off a few TL1000s for anyone looking to do a front end swap. here are the forks: 100 shipped pair front axle: 15 shipped lower triple: 30 shipped upper triple: 25 shipped rims: 30 ea fronts are 120/ rear 180
  9. mrlvlagic

    How to hotwire ignition?

    heres a link Im sure with a little looking you could find the right one. :)
  10. mrlvlagic

    CB360 parts Blowout!

    Im pretty sure I do, Ill check when I get off work
  11. mrlvlagic

    '70 Aermacchi Harley 125 project

    Nice I have a M-65 Leggero waiting to get some TLC
  12. mrlvlagic

    1975 CB360 Freeze-dried Hell Ride

    Re: 1975 CB360 Cafe Edit Volume 2 You are in Augusta right? Hephzibah here. I know exactly what you mean... GA is not supposed to have snow!!!!! >:(
  13. mrlvlagic

    CB360 parts Blowout!

    Bars and controls (OEM and Drag) are sold. Also, the front honda plastic part and reflectors are gone too.
  14. mrlvlagic

    CB360 parts Blowout!

  15. mrlvlagic

    Xs400/CJ360 hybrid forks - will it work

    I actually have a 360 disc front end that needs a home ::)
  16. mrlvlagic

    Shake the Box CL360/378 - The Hedgehog - Done

    Re: Shake the Box Kit - CL360 looking good Im interested to see your project
  17. mrlvlagic

    Suzuki T500 Cafe Projekt

    that is a mean looking bike! one of my favorites
  18. mrlvlagic

    Merry Christmas Me! Cb360 rebuild

    Notice anything different? ::) More details coming
  19. mrlvlagic

    crazypj great guy

    I got my Starter and Tach Plug from PJ last week thanks alot! quality all around
  20. mrlvlagic

    Wire for building custom bikes SUPER cheap. 11 colors.

    got my wire thanks alot for a great deal!
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