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  1. CBnewB

    WTB CB350 front fender

    Hello I still need a fender... no one has one?
  2. CBnewB

    Need a shorter clutch/speedo cable

    Hello, can anyone tell me which Honda clutch/speedo cable is shorter than the stock cable. I and running clubman bars and the stock cables are too long. thanks james
  3. CBnewB

    WTB Gear shifter

    Found one local Thanks
  4. CBnewB

    Free parts, pay for shipping! My gifts to the DTT forum!

    kick stand? still have it? I need one. James
  5. CBnewB


    I have a 82 FT500 that needs a starter pinion gear. I can not find one so I may want to part it out unless some one wants to buy it.
  6. CBnewB

    WTB Gear shifter

    hello WTB Gear shifter for a 72 cb350. the one that is just a lever not with the linkage. JM
  7. CBnewB

    WTB a title!

    Has anyone done this? Or does anyone live Vermont and have any insight on this? Thanks
  8. CBnewB

    WTB CB350 front fender

    I am looking for a front fender for my CB350. Plz let me know if you have one and for how much.
  9. CBnewB

    WTB cb350 head light and side cover rod

    Hi I need and WTB a cb350 head light bucket and side cover rod let me know if you have one to sell thx james
  10. CBnewB

    new to me- Honda CA95

    I will be looking for a service manual for one of these bike if anyone has one or knows where to get one. Thanks Jim
  11. CBnewB

    rear sets which ones to get??

    thanks and I will keep looking
  12. CBnewB

    rear sets which ones to get??

    thanks for the replies. Jrod I will check yours out
  13. CBnewB

    reconnect wires

    hello and thanks for some of the replys. Its a 72 CB350 and I just unconnected the wires.I didnt cut any thing. I am using the stock controls for now I might change them at a later time. So the wires from each side of the bars are all disconnected and the wires from the main harness are...
  14. CBnewB

    reconnect wires

    I took all the wires off to put new bars on and now I an stuck reconnecting them all back. I have a wire diagram but it looks so confusing to me. I was going to label them as i took them off but I didnt. so I guess I get the dumb ass award.. Any suggestions or help would be nice. James
  15. CBnewB

    WTB- ign switch part

    Hello. I need a harness side of the ign switch for my cb350. if you have an old harness I could use that part. Thanks Jim
  16. CBnewB

    Ign. switch

    anyone know where to get the bike side of the ingition switch connection. the one I have is all messed up. I got a new switch but need the otherside. Or could I repalce the terminals on it? know where to get a few of thoes small terminals? thanks Jim
  17. CBnewB

    rear sets which ones to get??

    I have been reading al the post about rear sets and I still dont know which ones to get. can any of you tell me what you know about the ones you bought? Price, function, best deal? thanks James
  18. CBnewB

    looking to but a set of tires

    looking to but a set of tires for my cb350 any good places to buy? cheaper the better. James
  19. CBnewB

    WTB petcock for a cb350

    Any one have one or know where to get one? james 480-246-0643 thx
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