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  1. Shooter

    PODs vs Stacks

    Apart from the obvious (looks) there a practical and performance difference between using Pods and stacks. Any chance the same jets would still work if I were to change to stacks? Anyone know a source of stacks for a CB550 (Kehins)?
  2. Shooter

    show me your seats!

    Here's my seat I factored in a bit of comfort as well as looks.
  3. Shooter

    Honda this a base for a neat little project? Now with pix

    Re: Honda this a base for a neat little project? Street legal is a bit limiting if I want to make it a bit edgy.
  4. Shooter

    Honda this a base for a neat little project? Now with pix

    Found a little Honda CG110 in tidy running condition. All very original. I can get it for next to nothing so I ask you guys...would this make a cool little project. I am thinking a little stripped out bare frame "racer". Doubt I woud try and make it street legal. Bring on thoughts and ideas...
  5. Shooter

    Fitting mufflers to exhuast pipes

    What about muffler repair tape.
  6. Shooter

    Front Rotor - CB550F... how glossy?

    I had them checked by brake specialist today. They are not glazed evidently. Guy said I should try a different brake pad. EBC FA103 were recommended to me Wondered what brand and "model" others are using in CB550F Anyone know if the 78- 80 CB550 have the same calliper (pads) as 76/77 models?
  7. Shooter

    Front Rotor - CB550F... how glossy?

    I fitted a drilled front rotor to my CB 550F. (It is very shiny but oil free) I have aftermarket brake lever and master cylinder, braided line, new pads, reconditioned and restored original calliper. I am wondering how glossy everyones front rotor is or should be. I am considering getting it...
  8. Shooter

    2000 Duc Monster 750 Dark ***NEW PICS!!!***

    Seeing as we are all talking Ducati...and Monsters Here is my S4
  9. Shooter

    So here it new hobby.

    What are the issues with the carb?
  10. Shooter

    I am back - Shooter fron NZ

    Been away from here for a bit so I thought I better re introduce my self. Shooter from Auckland New Zealand. I spent a lot of time and picked everyones brains around here while I was in the process of building this bike. Just gave her a bit of love last weekend and got her running again...
  11. Shooter

    Nooobe patient...and kind

    ooooooh.....I do liiiike.....your biiiike. Schweeeeet.
  12. Shooter

    Smell of gasoline when riding

    Will check the plugs. Had the bike tuned recently so expect / hope they are fine. Bike is running well in alll ranges since re jetting it. How does one make it run leaner if need be?
  13. Shooter

    Spark plugs for a CB550

    Thanx for that list. Is there any reason one would choose one over the other?
  14. Shooter

    Smell of gasoline when riding

    Absolutely no visible leaks or overflows. I suspect the fact that there is no airbox and blow back devices fitted(because of the pods) is a source for the smell. My concern is that the bike is being over gassed but I am not sure if its an issue or not. Kind of worry it could be a fire risk...
  15. Shooter

    Smell of gasoline when riding

    Does anyone else smell gasoline when riding their bikes? I have pods on my CB550. I can smell gasoline often but especially when stopped at the lights or idling after running. No gas is leaking or overflowing. No smell with engine off. Idle speed is about 1200 rpm.
  16. Shooter

    Spark plugs for a CB550

    What spark plugs are recommended for a CB550?
  17. Shooter

    New here.

    Beautiful job. I have cafe'd a '76/'77 CB550 SS and its amazing how different your approach to your project is to mine. Very unique and I bet you get some serious attention.
  18. Shooter

    Mounting a New Seat

    Its easy to add a sheet of 4mm aluminium in to the fabrication if you need additrional support in the f/g pan. Mine is more than strong enough because it has reinforcing ridges in the structure. Yours looks flat and may flex too much.
  19. Shooter

    Mounting a New Seat

    In this thread link are some pix of how I mounted my F/g seat pan top my CB550 BTW - wood has no place on a motor bike IMHO
  20. Shooter

    Forum needs a new General Heading.

    I will give it some thought and do some "performance tests" and then post up in the LOUNGE I guess. (Doesnt quite feel the right place but whatever) General idea is that its absolutely not a competitive thing. Keep it safe. Just interested to discover for example how fast it might take...
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