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    Tinting clear coat without base?

    The chemistry of a clear coat is not designed to carry pigments. Modern clear coats are already very heavily laden with solids and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if adding pigment would cause those solids to begin to precipitate. This is one reason candies are so thin. That being said; there's...
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    Gas/oil carb question

    You're looking for any sign that gasoline has leaked into the cylinder head. A puddle is a dead giveaway but so is varnish (or a lack of varnish depending on when/how it leaks). Also, signs of a dried-up puddle is a dead giveaway. If you have just one cylinder leaking fuel, it will be obvious...
  3. ILoveThumpers

    '74 CL360 troubleshooting

    The UNI filters aren't as delicate as you might think. They are sensitive to UV exposure, though (sunlight) so covering them up is a good move. -Deek
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    Is there an echo in here? ;) -Deek
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    Welding class advise

    Gotcha. Lord knows I've done that myself... -Deek
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    Welding class advise

    You are absolutely concerned about both penetration and warp. (Seriously, krafty... what the hell?) Start with Oxy. The fundamentals never change and you can more directly control them with a torch. Once you understand the relationship between heat and fill, all the other welding methods are...
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    Gas/oil carb question

    Pull the rack. Look at the inside of the boots. It will be obvious which one(s) are leaking fuel into the crank case. -Deek
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    A 12v LED? No, I doubt you'll find one of those at Radio Shack. Forward voltage for the vast majority of "normal" (not High-Intensity) bulbs are under 3v. I assumed since HD didn't want to fool with doing a 12v swap he probably wouldn't want to make his own bulbs! If anyone is interested in...
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    It appears from this wiring diagram that all the lights except the headlamp use the battery and regulator/rectifier. There's really not much in the way of 6v LED lamps with bayonet bases, unfortunately... lots of stuff on eBay from China but that's like throwing your money in the toilet. Most...
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    Kickstater gear gone! What would you replace?

    Not a kickstart gear, but I did have a synchro gear fail on a Triumph. The shaft was marred and the mating 2nd drive gear was chewed up a little like yours. I replaced the synchro and the shaft but elected to leave the drive gear in. -Deek
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    The plug will stay black until the engine heats up to the point that the soot is burned off. Listen to Sonreir, he's trying to tell you something important. -Deek
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    Kickstater gear gone! What would you replace?

    No, I don't think it's gone. It's clearly visible. In fact it's mostly in tact so even if the term "gone" were meant to denote extreme damage to the point of destruction, it's still not gone. When you're asking for technical advice, it pays to be clear about what you're asking. When I see a...
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    CB350f Paint

    Thank you for keeping the tank badges. If I see one more crappy bondo job to cover up the mounting plate, I might scream. -Deek
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    Sand/soda blasting pressure washer kit..

    Don't put soda in the reservoir or any place prior to the pump. I think the reason would be obvious. -Deek Sent from my LT30at using Tapatalk
  15. ILoveThumpers

    Kickstater gear gone! What would you replace?

    So it's not "gone" it's damaged. And it damaged another gear on another shaft. Both need to be replaced with appropriate replacement parts. -Deek
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    CL360 Front Fender

    Are you talking about an actual brace or a fender? If you mean the mounting plate that the fender is mounted to, then yes, that's a steel part (not tempered) that can be heated and formed. I would drill out the rivets and separate the fender from that piece first, though. -Deek Sent from my...
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    Curing paint with Heat gun

    You really don't want to use any kind of power tool to do that. Avoiding heat is the name of the game. Use a more aggressive paper if its not going fast enough for you by hand. -Deek Sent from my LT30at using Tapatalk
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    Sand/soda blasting pressure washer kit..

    Soda dissolves in water so that's out. Sand might work but if you're blasting aluminum, sand is usually too aggressive. I've used something like that to spray degreaser with a power washer but not dry media... Should be interesting. -Deek Sent from my LT30at using Tapatalk
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    Brackets to hold headlight fairing, limited tools, more limited budget?

    What you're describing sounds like the RAM mounting hardware. -Deek Sent from my LT30at using Tapatalk Take a look at the "A" Size ball configuration... just over a half an inch in diameter.
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    Aftermarket tail light wiring cb125

    Note: This only works if the bulbs are installed. With the bulbs out you won't get continuity. -Deek Sent from my LT30at using Tapatalk
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