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  1. Snejkaj

    Project CB690 (KTM 690 engine in a CB550f frame)

    Impressive! I've been planning a KTM-powered Cafe racer for years. Maby time so source parts:) Skickat från min Mi 9T Pro via Tapatalk
  2. Snejkaj

    CB650 Swedish Cafe

    Quite happy with the result. Working on some padding and rivets for the back part to make it look nice. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  3. Snejkaj

    CB650 Swedish Cafe

    Really like red Seat padding starting to get some shape. Will be covered with black fake leather for starters. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  4. Snejkaj

    CB650 Swedish Cafe

    Some prep work before paint. Soon it will be red with black Leather seat. Step by step towards a ”CR” 650 [emoji4][emoji965] Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  5. Snejkaj

    CB650 Swedish Cafe

    Long winter... not much done[emoji16] After some commuting to work I had to do something. Moved the electronics and started to fit a CR750 seat. I’ll place the battery under the swingarm. So next week I’ll fabricate at box. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  6. Snejkaj

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    My CB650 -80 Before After Sent from my iPhone with Tapatalk
  7. Snejkaj

    CB650 Swedish Cafe

    Think this is will be one of the last rides this year.. a bit cold riding in 9 degrees (celsius), and it aint gonna be warmer until april.. So it’s soon time to sand the tank and paint it. A new seat is also high on the to do list.. Sent from my iPhone with Tapatalk
  8. Snejkaj

    Engine "coughing" at low revs

    Re: Engine "coughing" at low revs How is your fuel filter? Have you changed air filter and/or exhaust? Sent from my iPhone with Tapatalk
  9. Snejkaj

    Help trouble shooting

    My major problem is solved! It was a bad coil. Still have som issues. I think it runs a bit lean. When I pull the clutch for a gear shift with a hot engine the rpm increase and then comes down. Sent from my iPhone with Tapatalk
  10. Snejkaj

    1981 GS750E (GSX750E) Dented Cafe Racer ( Currently doing GSX-R USD conversion)

    What software did you use to make the wiring diagram? Sent from my iPhone with Tapatalk
  11. Snejkaj

    Help trouble shooting

    Will check tank vents, but I think I have another odd thing. When I start it cold at full choke it has very low revs. If I push the choke in a bit it revs up alot. Push it in some more and I get more of an idle. This weekend I'll measure float level and check float level with the clear tube method.
  12. Snejkaj

    Help trouble shooting

    Forgot one thing. It does not help to twist to full throttle when it starts to run crappy.
  13. Snejkaj

    Help trouble shooting

    I've gotten some problems with my cb650. Specs are: Dyna S ignition OEM coils with extra resistor Pod filters 120 main jet 42 pilot jet Mixture screw 1.75 turns out My problem started with a clogged fuel filter. Changed to a new one. Then I drove the bike about one tank of fuel. Then i leaned...
  14. Snejkaj

    CB650 Swedish Cafe

    Got my hands on a rear hub. Now it’s time to do some cleaning and alot of polishing. I have not yet decided on what front hub to use. But will somehow put on bigger brakes. So if it will be a SM hub or CB hub with adapted VFR750 (or similar) disc is not decided. Sent from my iPhone with Tapatalk
  15. Snejkaj

    Tire size cb650

    I’m about to order new rims and need some pros and cons regarding rear tire size. Front tire will be 110-120. My options are 18” 120-130 width 18” 150-160 width 17” 150-160 width Pros for 130 is that I don’t need to offset the chain. Pros for 150-160 is cool looks... More pro/con? How will...
  16. Snejkaj

    Honda Ca'Four

    Welcome nordic neighbor! CB:s in cafe form are a blast to ride! Looks like your fork tubes need some new chrome. Will you do a fork swap or use the old stuff? I'm going to send my tubes to Brook Suspension in UK. About £180 for both including shipping.
  17. Snejkaj

    CB650 Swedish Cafe

    Got my license today! A 38 year old cafe racer gets some attention when all other bikes are MT/FZ07-kind of bikes. Did notice some things. Got a lot of skeptical comments about riding a really old bike for the license test, but proved them all wrong 8) Low clipons are not ideal for really slow...
  18. Snejkaj

    Jet question

    Problem solved! It was severe lack of fuel... to small jet AND clogged fuel filter. No I have #120 main jet and free flowing fuel. Runs like a dream! :D
  19. Snejkaj

    CB650 Swedish Cafe

    Had a breakdown today. Bike lost power and finaly was dead.. Found this in the fuel filter. Sent from my iPhone with Tapatalk
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