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  1. TomGravelle

    1985 Honda VF700S Sabre Cafe

    That blue LED looks like it is going to blind you when you are driving down a dark road and decide to turn on the main beam! It is really bright or was that just the camera making it look so?
  2. TomGravelle

    1985 Honda VF700S Sabre Cafe

    I've been watching this on youtube. Is a really good project! Am looking forward to the next instalment! Much prefer the new gauges compared to what you did put on there. Keep up the good work!
  3. TomGravelle

    People in the UK, what have you done with your license plate?!

    Thanks for all the answers. Who knows why they are so large!! Any pics to show what this acute angle is? I want to see what levels are acceptable
  4. TomGravelle

    People in the UK, what have you done with your license plate?!

    Lots of the bikes I've seen on here are from the US, where it seems the laws around license plates are not as strict as they are here in the UK. The problem I've run into is where to mount my number plate. If I shorten my frame it will not be able to stay where it is, and having it flatter is...
  5. TomGravelle

    Suggestions for cafe racer for an Englishman to build on a budget?

    I have finally got round to do something to the bikes. I have put them on a new topic: So will be updating that one with anything that goes on! Sorry for the massive absence in posts, have been super busy.
  6. TomGravelle

    UK GS550 cafe bike build

    Hello everyone! After reading about so many different peoples projects, it is finally time for my own! A few months back I got 2 GS550s off ebay for just over £400, which I didn't think was a bad price at all! The aim was to get one of them working and to turn it into a cafe racer. Well, it...
  7. TomGravelle

    GS550 Special - Project Stray Dog - Finished.

    I recently got a GS550 (2 in fact) and one did come with a 130 rear tire, so it can be made slightly bigger if you want. Appears to be on the same original rims too Awesome work by the way!
  8. TomGravelle

    77 GS550 project

    Agree with both your wife and TGreg; either a matte black or a dark red will look awesome in my opinion.
  9. TomGravelle

    1983 Suzuki GS650G

    Shall be following this post! Good luck with it!
  10. TomGravelle

    Suzuki GS 550 First Build

    Haha, I just got one myself!! Good luck with the build!
  11. TomGravelle

    1978 GS550 cafe - CHECK IT OUT!

    That is a fine looking bike!! SO many ideas of what to do for this bike! I guess I need to see what ends up being most comfortable to ride. That is more important than just the aesthetics.
  12. TomGravelle

    Suzuki GS550E '78

    Really liking how this bike is coming along!! I just got myself a '79 GS550! How have the new wheels come out? As much as I love the bike, wheels with spokes are something I really want to add to it!
  13. TomGravelle

    New from Ohio - 81' GS550 Cafe

    Any updates on the progress of the bike? Would love to see it finished!
  14. TomGravelle

    1978 Suzuki GS550 (nameless for now...)

    Any update on the bike? Would love to see how it turned out!
  15. TomGravelle

    GS550T cafe-inspired build

    Did this bike ever get finished? I would love to see the final thing!!
  16. TomGravelle

    77 GS550 project

    Loving the look of the bike; just got a 79 GS550 myself, so will be following yours closely to see if anything you do will be useful for my build! Good luck with it all!
  17. TomGravelle

    1978 GS550 cafe - CHECK IT OUT!

    Very nice bike! Any final pics we can have a look at? Just got myself a GS550, so have been trawling through all the posts I can find relating to turning them into cafe racers! Yours is the first I've seen to use the seat cowl like that! I like it very much; looks like it makes creating a...
  18. TomGravelle

    1980 Suzuki GS450 ET Colorado Cafe Build

    looking good! Just got myself a GS550 so may be looking at this to get a few handy ideas! :D
  19. TomGravelle

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Just purchased 2 Suzuki GS550 Es! Cannot wait to finish university and get home to them now!!
  20. TomGravelle

    Suggestions for cafe racer for an Englishman to build on a budget?

    I paid £430 for the pair! Plus another £100 or so for covers (as they will be have to be kept outside until we clear out the garage) and for the van hire to go and pick them up
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