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  1. wozza

    il Crustico - '73 Moto Guzzi Eldorado Basket case Restoration

    Pffffft I have a block of wood and a saw... :D kool build thread, I have a soft spot for Italian meccanica
  2. wozza

    FT500 Supermoto Hellride

    Hehe the white shroud reminds me of the flying nun :D
  3. wozza

    Gouging the cylinder head - salvageable? Cam question as well

    You can have the cam lobes resurfaced Ive had it done and it looks brand new..Can cost more than a 2nd hand cam but if you cant find one its an option..
  4. wozza

    Best "free" Photoshop style tool for custom designing?

    2nd thumbs up for Gimp as its available for most OS's. If your using windows is also good and has a much easier learning curve
  5. wozza

    Mak's step-by-step guide to building an un-original, but still fun, cafe bike

    You can do laced wheel diy style, shouldn't cost a heap if you can do fab work yourself
  6. wozza

    Tips for installing 4-1 headers

    The wrap maybe to thick, as they can be tight fit near the frame rails even without wrap...also use rubber bands on the split collars to hold them in place makes it heaps easier, they will shoot off or melt on first run :)
  7. wozza

    Gearing Advice Needed

    I prefer ...I use this site's calcs/converters all the time :) Im aware of the general changes see attached pdf file...but am curious as to the added strain on the transmission due to added force needed to move a smaller tighter curved sprocket...
  8. wozza

    Gearing Advice Needed

    Thanks for the quick reply Already check out some of the calcs..Im aware of the cause and effect of the change, but have no knowledge of the consequences of running smaller sprockets :) cheers
  9. wozza

    Gearing Advice Needed

    Hi Gearing for some reason does my head in ;) Original gearing was 14 front 38 rear, 110/90/18 wheel size due to not being able to get a 38 rear at a reasonable price and locally(bike is an old grey import) I opted for 36 tooth rear so now I have 14 front 36 rear and 120/90/18 wheels...
  10. wozza

    Custom earphones/hearing protection for motorcycle riding

    No ear plugs or phones for me....its bad enough having to cover your senses with a helmet....If I don't see em, I wanna hear em coming. I also like to hear the bike talk ;)
  11. wozza

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Np..... do the top one first as it tends to be easier, it also gives you a slightly sharper angle on the lower one
  12. wozza

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    I just use a big assed flat blade screw driver, slide it down or up the neck till you feel the lip,then wack it with a decent hammer. Work around it in quarters till it pops out sometimes the lip will be flush with the neck but you can always feel the join...To fit new ones I use the old races...
  13. wozza

    Your opinion

    Ahh ok....I just welded a tab on rear most part of the hoop angled to flow onto the guard..I also frenched the guard into the hoop, its a thin light alloy one so one tab should be fine :) maybe a pic will help... another way that I think works well is this...
  14. wozza

    Your opinion

    ADR in as Australian design rules?...If so the rear guard ADR has just recently been changed for newer bikes, and depending on where you are you maybe able to get away with very little guard... Anyway you need to leave space for mud and tyre expansion if going hugger style...or if frame mounted...
  15. wozza

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    The Velocity Stack (cherry on top) turned up today...I only potter around the block on it, about 100 kays a year so it shouldn't hurt to much and it looks so right :)
  16. wozza

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    mikuni 34mm flat slide carby...bye bye cv carby
  17. wozza

    Any other Aussies still around?

    If those are your preferred bikes Id go with the XV750 ...check out gumtree and The cx500 being water cooled, old water cooled bikes can have another whole level of issues that can get expensive...(Im...
  18. wozza

    KZ440 LTD

    Well that brings back some memory's, was my one and only brand new bike :D
  19. wozza

    CB250 RS - Project "Phoenix"

    Here is a pic on how WM (JDM accessory maker) do the honda GB rod to cable conversion. maybe it will give you some ideas ....
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