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  1. pablohoney

    G'day from Oz. 'Project X' XJ600 custom build

    Nice bike, I just got an XJ600 a little while ago and am not sure what direction to take it in, so I will be watching this thread and maybe get some ideas.
  2. pablohoney

    Battery Box from 1979 XS650 Special

    All the threads are good, no rust or breaks, all strong and well. Don't have and xs anymore and I would like it to go to use. Here it is on ebay.
  3. pablohoney

    Help if able

    What kind of bike is it? I have an 03 Cbr600rr and never had any problems with it.
  4. pablohoney

    I have taken up making lamps out of spare parts

    Got a couple more finished up!
  5. pablohoney

    CR200 Chopper Project by cyclhed

    Wow, this is awesome! subscribed
  6. pablohoney

    XS 650 Street Tracker Mod-Style

    That think is awesome! Nice work!
  7. pablohoney

    I have taken up making lamps out of spare parts

    Yeah, I have definitely been thinking of making my own shades, give it a try on the next one. Tin would be cool, might have to shop around a bit for where to get some though. Worse comes to worse, I will go to the big wholesale district in downtown LA and could probably find some nice shades...
  8. pablohoney

    I have taken up making lamps out of spare parts

    Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I agree with you there about the lamp shades. Been shopping around for fancier ones, but haven't had much luck finding them.
  9. pablohoney

    I have taken up making lamps out of spare parts

    Well, last summer I moved to a much smaller house, and motorcycle building became a bit less workable, but I had a bunch of parts leftover that were out of specs so I decided to make stuff out of them. So I started up Motorworks Illuminated to help put me through college. Here is some of the...
  10. pablohoney

    People in Calafornia,

    Just got back from school on my hog. commute on it everyday. but i must say I have met a decent amount of people out here that only ride when it is 73 degrees with rainbows in the sky.
  11. pablohoney

    1984 GPZ 750: The Ferrous Mistress,

    Thanks! Yeah, that anti-dive stuff was a pain, not worth the effort really, but didn't really want to hassle/pay for forks from a different bike. Didn't notice a difference in diving or handling from my 1979 xs650. Was a fun bike, but I am kinda glad to be done with it. Sucker left me stranded...
  12. pablohoney

    1984 GPZ 750: The Ferrous Mistress,

    Got the mistress all fixed up, running well and sold! Twas a good educational build.
  13. pablohoney

    1984 GPZ750 So Cal

    Got her all finished up and now she needs to pay for my next semester. Make an offer!
  14. pablohoney

    1979 XS650 Parts

    Rear grab gone! All other parts still available. Make any offer. 8)
  15. pablohoney

    1979 XS650 Parts

    Clubmans gone!
  16. pablohoney

    1979 XS650 Parts

    Cleaning out the garage and have some parts i need to get rid of. Make a offer. All parts are from a 1979 XS650 Special unless otherwise stated. Rear Seat Grab, good condition Instrument indicator gauge thing Points Condenser Stock Point cam lobe Side Cover Badges 1984...
  17. pablohoney

    NEWBIE from SoCal

    Sweet bike. Nice to see someone else from LA.
  18. pablohoney

    Care to share a little inspiration?

    Cause it's hilarious!
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