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  1. Redman420

    WTB CB125 or stuff to build one. I'm in Orlando

    got a good tank and a running engine for the right price just so you know
  2. Redman420

    cb125 swing arm swap options is a good article. This guy made the bike in the earlier post.
  3. Redman420

    cb125 swing arm swap options

    So I take it this swing arm would have many takers. I'm going to a grave yard soon with measurements in hand. Say I don't find anything, and I end up fabricating my own. Would there be a interest in purchasing one? After blueprints and testing of course.
  4. Redman420

    cb125 swing arm swap options

    I have tried to find info on this subject but have only found that it was dropped for one reason or another. But I am here to see if anyone know an answer or if I'm going to start a swing arm collection. I want to swap out the stock one for something like a dirtbike or crotchy. Is there any...
  5. Redman420

    SR500 Project

    Go ahead burn them all.
  6. Redman420

    SR500 Project

    weird thing is I'm in Kentucky. I'm sorry just could help but throw gas on this inferno.
  7. Redman420

    SR500 Project

    Caught a sneak peak of the electric tray today
  8. Redman420

    Honda CB/CL350 Brat Type Thing

    Would you be willing to sell me that seat.
  9. Redman420

    Gauging Interest, seat hoops on the cheap

    Making money with my tools. I thought we talked about this. Well looks like 125 is mine now. But im welling to make the hardtail
  10. Redman420

    1978 Honda CB550F Part Out!!

    Complete front end (wheel, caliber, ext) minus the fender.pic and price?
  11. Redman420

    ninja 750 usd front end calipers rotors master

    Interested price and center stem OD measurement would be nice
  12. Redman420

    dirt bike front suspension for cb360

    I building my bike to be an all American, though it is a Japanese. I want to beef up the front end up. Im willing to buy a couple of triples and tubes to make this work. I looking for cr250 parts or anything you can give me measurement on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  13. Redman420

    where to buy wheels?

    Im about to purchase my wheels for my build and befor I jump off this cliff of possible restocking fees I was woundering where might be the best place to buy from. Ive found that procycle has the excel rims and Buchanan spoke combo I would like but are they good on getting the right hole count...
  14. Redman420

    XS750 Cafe Racer

    Very nice man
  15. Redman420

    susuki gt250 worth it?

    I fould a 75 gt250 for 300 obo (non running). I was wondering how available parts are and value. Say the bike is at the worst end of condition would it still be a good buy. Looking for a 2nd project to sit on while I finish my other one.
  16. Redman420

    1975 CB400F Project "Replacement Girlfriend"

    Glad to see that stuff worked out for you. Have to go on a cruise someday
  17. Redman420

    A-part-ment CB360

    Today marks my battle with the law to an end and full recovery from my moto wreck. Pipe is ordered for rear loop and the electric tray is getting welded in this weekend. Im back in the saddle.
  18. Redman420

    Misc CB360/CL350/CL175 parts

    Is the swing arm in the first pic for sale, and is it off a cb360?
  19. Redman420

    cb360 swing arm build ?s

    Making my swingsrm for my cb360 and before I put a order on my metal I want to check with others that 1"×.120 tube would do the job for the arm. I was considering 1 1/8" but I would have to buy a dye for my bender which is more than the metal. Am I ok with 1"?
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