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  1. AfistfulofDEAN

    New to the TON from Michigan

    Welcome. It's always good to see fellow Michiganders on the board, especially ones with CB750s. Where are you at in the Mitten?
  2. AfistfulofDEAN

    The Don't drink and eBay CB750

    I was wondering about this one, not so glad about life getting in the way, but happy to see that you're still working on her.
  3. AfistfulofDEAN

    My '64

    I dig it man. I've got a '65 Fairlane sitting in my garage waiting for me to get the cash around to buy a new drive train for it. It's good to see more mild customs coming out of the woodworks.
  4. AfistfulofDEAN

    Craftsman & Handmade Videos - Non Motorcycle Related

    For all of us denim-heads out there. Raleigh Denim: Handcrafted in North Carolina | UNC-TV from David Huppert on Vimeo.</p>
  5. AfistfulofDEAN

    O Shit Look what we Did!!

    Gorgeous. I might be interested in one for my 1980, if you're going to be producing them for DOHC models.
  6. AfistfulofDEAN

    got my roc city interceptor seat

    I ordered one of their Daytona seats for my SR250 without measuring and had to cut about 2 inches out of the center, but I went through the same debate. There are too many bikes around where the owner just threw the first seat they could find on it to pass the bike off as a cafe racer and they...
  7. AfistfulofDEAN

    Best way to store fuel tank?

    I had the benefit of working in a factory with a vacuum sealer after the last time I sandblasted mine, and what I did was spray it down with WD-40 as frogman suggested and sealed it up in a plastic bag. Of course, I was lucky there, in your case, I'd follow his advice and fog the inside and...
  8. AfistfulofDEAN

    Whats up From Rhode Island

    Gnarly little bike man. I love those small cc bikes.
  9. AfistfulofDEAN

    Ton up meet

    That looks like a blast... too bad I'll be up in Remus at the Wheatland Music Festival that weekend.
  10. AfistfulofDEAN

    "Fast With a Past" Webcast Bike build show coming soon?!?!

    Now I'm just sad about the gaps between craigslist find and finished goods. I'm definitely looking forward to this good news, though.
  11. AfistfulofDEAN

    Le Mans '75 CB550

    Yeah, yeah... we get it... you've still got to wait a few more weeks before the Kaw comes down and your 550 gets its own bike of the month banner. I'm certainly glad I wont be competing against you in any way. Oh... and great fucking job on the bike man. It's beyond a doubt one of the coolest...
  12. AfistfulofDEAN

    So what is your favorite music band?

    I've got to say, I still get chills when I listen to Hank Sr. Also a lot of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, Hank 3, Justin Townes Earle, The motherfuckin' Pogues... Though sometimes I've gotta admit to rocking out to a little bit of everything else, Beastie Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Alkaline Trio...
  13. AfistfulofDEAN

    micks sr250

    I've heard rumors that the XT kick-start mechanism will transfer over... in which case you could almost ditch the starter motor altogether. On my list of pipe-dream mods for my $50 SR250 that doesn't seem too feasible when looked at through the lens of reality.
  14. AfistfulofDEAN

    micks sr250

    The flywheel cover on mine is cracked too, though it was from the previous owner doing god-knows-what. .. wish I could say it was due to a 300ZX though, as I almost bought a couple Z31s back in the day and still hope to someday pick one up.
  15. AfistfulofDEAN

    MAY 2011 BOTM VOTING - if you don't vote you don't get to complain

    Ok, so the long-form build certificate checks out, great... but what about his periodic maintenance forms? You can't just become BOTM with one or two oil changes and a transmission flush... there's something just not right here.
  16. AfistfulofDEAN


    Almost... I made it last year, but due to quitting my job and going back to college, I couldn't swing it. Looking forward to seeing some pictures, though.
  17. AfistfulofDEAN

    Hello from Battle Creek, MI

    Battle Creek, eh? I'm in Kalamazoo right now, but I commute to KCC twice a week and grew up and still own a house in Coldwater. I've only been riding and working on my SR250 cafe for a couple years, but if there's anything I can help you with, let me know man. I'm looking forward to seeing how...
  18. AfistfulofDEAN

    Been to the gas station lately ?

    On the contrary, British beer traveled great so long as they hopped the piss out of it and cranked the alcohol level, as both the alpha acids in the hops and the alcohol level helped keep it... that's where the ever-so-brilliant India Pale Ale comes from.
  19. AfistfulofDEAN

    Been to the gas station lately ?

    I put $105 into my truck for 3/4 of a tank the other day. Though I knew I was getting myself into that when I bought the truck and so I cannot complain. I also agree with Killian, let it rise... the only way we'll see any meaningful advances in fuel economy or alternative energy sources is by...
  20. AfistfulofDEAN

    Grand Rapids, MI (and surrounding areas) Thread

    Hey guys, does Kalamazoo count? We East siders have to stick together, right? I'm Dean, I've got an '80 CB750C, that's my daily, I've got an '81 Yamaha SR250 that's in the midst of a cafe job, and a '77 KZ650 with a seized motor that'll either get a bob job or sold off as a parts bike when i...
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