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    Sin City 400-CR *FINISHED PICS!!!!!!! VIDEO *****PAGE 9

    Re: Sin City CM400 Cafe Racer *NEW PICS* That speedo face is cool, the small details really make a difference
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    1971 CB750 K1 Rider Resto (On the road again!)

    Re: 1971 CB750 K1 Rider Resto Those parts are coming up a treat, getting a whole box full of freshly plated parts back will be quite satisfying I imagine
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    XS650 "Tina Marie"

    Good thing you found that cover up job. Is that British Racing Green you are going for? Are you going to have a secondary color for striping? Looking forward to see how it turns out, should look quite sharp.
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    TATTOOs... Lets see what ya got!!..

    Re: TATTOO's... Lets see what ya got!!.. Here's my most recent one
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    Fuse Block Done?

    It may have cooked a connection somewhere. Use the continuity function on the meter (usually gives an audible beep when there is continuity i.e. an unbroken circuit) to find any broken connections.
  6. kicker

    Engine painting...where to start

    Cheers Scruffy, I have heard that PJ1 is good stuff I wonder if it is still available? edit: looks like you can still get it
  7. kicker

    Found this tutorial on fading and striping some may find real useful!

    Will definitely give that a try on one of my spare tanks, thanks for the link!
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    alphadogchoppers can you show us some things?

    This site is great, so many knowledgable people onboard.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Have just bought myself one of these, got the flat titanium finish
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    CB350F Milestone

    Haha, you got me there :)
  11. kicker

    My KZ750 Dirt tracker Built

    Well done, looks very nice, I have always had a soft spot for trackers
  12. kicker

    1972 CB250 Brat Tracker FINISHED!

    Re: Gentlemen's CB250 Brat Tracker Coming together nicely, I like the paint colour.
  13. kicker


    Nice bikes there Peter!
  14. kicker

    Carb question?

    +1 for syncing but yeah as mentioned make sure they are clean too and have the floats set
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    Fork Refurbishment

    Buying different forks with the same dimensions is fine, just make sure your axle (and spacers), caliper and front fender fit if you aren't buying a complete front end. Getting something from the CB family will help although it's probably best to stay away from the smaller bikes as they may be...
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    Engine painting...where to start

    That's a good read, have been thinking of painting my engine too.
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    CB350F Milestone

    I don't really feel any sentimentality towards the bikes I've had, any milestone is quickly forgotten in the pursuit of the next. No names or birthdays here, just machines that I like to play with.
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    Yikes, not my cup of tea but I guess different strokes for different folks
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Re: the "Ace" - it's not yours until you cut it! I saw one of these parked up at work, I did a bit of a double take as I'd never seen one before. A nice little bike that's for sure
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    Running without a battery?

    I've used a capacitor to replace a bike battery, it worked well. Obviously kick start only and nothing will work while the bike isn't running but other than that I didn't notice a difference. The cap I used was about 4" tall and 2" in diameter, was rated for 50V, can't remember the capacitance...
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