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    75 CB400F SuperSport

    Check for smooth operation of ALL choke butterfly's. if one hangs up even slightly on those wire clamp bands, it's going to start badly. ...I know.
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    75 CB400F SuperSport

    Nice to hear you have it running! Regarding the fuel leak, I had this happen to me. Check a couple of things. If your gasket was the round one, it's likely to have came out of the groove when it was installed. Check for a pinch. If you ever have to take a bowl off, it can be a real bitch to...
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    75 CB400F SuperSport

    Pablo. I'm positive I have the bracket you need. PM me if you need one.
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    I finally finished my CB350 Four!!!!

    Looks nice! ...and quite familiar. :)
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    new to DDT

    Caf'd Out, drop me an email at Your profile at DTT will not accept PM's.
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    Calling member Caf'd Out

    PM's are not working to this member. I can find the profile just fine. When I reply to the PM sent to me, I receive the message in RED Unable to find member 'caf'd out'. There's something wrong with the DTT site. If i search the member profile and pull up the member, select send PM, type the...
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    Calling member Caf'd Out

    I'm unable to respond to your PM's. DTT keeps telling me 'Unable to find member 'caf'd out' when I select reply. Post your email and I will respond directly. -Brad
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    Another Honda CB400F cafe racer

    Looks like a nice stocker rising from the grave! Love these 400's. Great platform to work with.
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    Re: First build-CB350F- Project CB350 F/CR

    Re: First build-CB350F- Project Rapier Thanks fatherjon. I don't want to hijack corsair's thread. I'll keep watching for updates!
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    Re: First build-CB350F- Project CB350 F/CR

    Re: First build-CB350F- Project Rapier Good luck my friend! Let us know if you get stuck. I've built up two of these I love em so much. Here's a pic of my 350 frame with a 400 heart transplant:
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    CB350F/400F Hybrid Cafe Build Pics

    Sorry if you've seen these before. Moving this to a better location on the forum. Below are pics of my CB400.. Well, actually it's titled as a CB350F, but has a CB400F at heart. Much work has gone into this machine. A couple of years ago, I built a CB350F cafe for my wife. Along the way...
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    CB350/400F Hybrid Pics to Share

    The hand controls aren't too tough. It just takes time. I sat down with an Ohm meter and traced down what wires went to each switch and integrated with the factory harness crimping on connectors from Vintage Connections. I also installed a clutch switch and used the starter button cut out to...
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    CB350/400F Hybrid Pics to Share

    All, My brother came down and took some great shots of my finished project. Check em out below! Addl pics at:
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    CB400 Four project

    I've lived the life of a purist, but since found more fun collecting others scraps and building what I want. Below is my project just getting close to completion...1972 CB350F rolling frame bought title-less (now titled), CB400F engine bought for $37 carb-less on eBay (yes, folks that price is...
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    Holy Cow! Heat causes buckle in road. Caused motorcyclist to shit pants!
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    Rockers Reunion Indy

    Indianapolis Rockers Reunion Show
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    Rockers Reunion Indy

    Indianapolis Rockers Reunion Show
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    Rockers Reunion Indy

    Indianapolis Rockers Reunion Show
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    Deacon's CB350

    Re: Deacon's 1972 CB350 Cafe Project - Fender Mold Done By chance would you be willing to make another? I'm in need!
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    Project Stella. Cb400f Sleeper. (Pic Heavy)

    No bolts? Dude you're asking for it. Clamp those fork tubes down, or we'll be reading about you in the paper!
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