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    Seat Hoops. .120 Wall- $35 shipped

    Another satisfied customer. Thanks Sonic!!
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    *UPDATED*74 CL/CB360 Partout w/tons of new parts (Tarozzi/Benelli/Avon/Mikes XS)

    Have you started the part-out of the original yet?
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    CB360 parts Blowout!

    Did the bars and controls get sold?
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    reusing stock cl360 hoop?

    Greetings and salutations. New(ish) to this forum, so please pardon any stupid. I picked up a "complete" 75 cl360 a few weeks ago; the intervening weeks have been spent cataloging just how much stuff is missing from this "complete" bike. Build thread to come when I get up more steam. In the...
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    Shake the Box CL360/378 - The Hedgehog - Done

    Re: Shake the Box Kit - CL360 Nice thread. I'm in a bit of the same situation -- spent a couple of years now on moto forums, learning, reading, thinking, but not nearly enough doing. Now I'm finally taking the plunge. (As evidenced by me hitting you up for parts!) Looks like some previous...
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    *UPDATED*74 CL/CB360 Partout w/tons of new parts (Tarozzi/Benelli/Avon/Mikes XS)

    Are you parting out the original bike yet? PM sent, thanks
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