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    Rear wheel: 18x2.15 or 19x1.85

    Though I actually agree with Tim's advice, here's another suggestion: if you can sell the 18" wheel, it will help to offset the expense of using the 19" wheel in the back. Think about posting an ad in the For Sale forum; if you don't get an acceptable offer, keep the 18" wheel and use it, as Tim...
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    Bigger headlight for the 175

    Thanks, Chip, I'll be watching for your new photos... and trust me on this; grimy garage walls lend an air of authenticity to motorcycle photographs, just as drops of oil glistening on pavement under a parked Britbike with the engine still ticking during cooldown do, though you're free to post...
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    Bigger headlight for the 175

    I think I'm about to commit another threadjacking; hope you don't mind, Chip... Nothing much to tell about using Linux; back in 1993, not long after I began using DOS (5.0), I decided that I wanted to write my own operating system, because I didn't like the way the OS worked. A friend showed...
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    Bigger headlight for the 175

    Actually, I've always credited the development of the cafe racer to the Druids, probably not long after they constructed Stonehenge... ;D
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    Bigger headlight for the 175

    WELL SAID! Motorcycles, beer, and women keep me broke, but I'm not willing to give up ANY of them, so I STAY broke, but, essentially happy... of course, I tend to think I'd be even HAPPIER if I had some money. but then, I'd just spend it on... you know...
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    Bigger headlight for the 175

    NOTE: NOBODY is obligated to read this BOOK I've written in response to killerdwarf; read it, or don't read it, the choice is yours... killerdwarf, that is an interesting comment... so if someone builds a bobber, but calls it a chopper, judging by your remarks, it would then qualify as a...
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    1st Time Builder_71 CB 450: Project Rat

    You're starting with a good platform; I like the changes you've made so far, though I do hope you're going to reinstall the fork gaitors, or get new ones on there, to protect those fork tubes...
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    Bigger headlight for the 175

    FINALLY! Someone who wants a REAL headlight, instead of the tiny little JOKE lights I see so often. REAL cafe bikes have 7" ROUND headlights, unless the builder gets lucky enough to find one of the 8" lights used by Suzuki and Yamaha on a few models back in the 80s... Dinky lights are for...
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    TX500 build

    Do me a favor... tell her the wedding is off... because I WANT TO MARRY HER! Seems like most of my girlfriends have been psychotic to one degree or another; for some reason, ovaries and hormones don't always want to get along with testicles and testosterone... which is why I'm STILL single, with...
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    Hillsy's GS450 project

    Broken collarbones DO suck; they seem DESIGNED to break in a fall... don't ask me how I know... That said, do your best to keep your arm immobile; moving it will slow the healing process. Keep it STILL as much as possible; sleeping is always a problem, but if you do the wrong thing while you're...
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    Its finally DONE!! 77 KZ400 Cafe

    Rear -wheel huggers are another name for the inner fenders / splash guards found on many sportbikes for the last 20 years or so. The ORIGINAL 1987 Honda Hurricane (CBR600F) had one; as you can see, it is #14 in this diagram...
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    TX500 build

    I still can't believe how fast you work, without sacrificing quality; I might not make the same choices you do with some items, but I'm truly impressed by the quality of your products. I've seen some bikes from a local "builder", and his work reminds me of an old Easter egg: pretty on the...
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    Asking - How to mount a seat pan to the frame ?

    Nice work, Shooter... I'd really like to see some detailed photos of how that latch actually holds the seat down, if you have any... Yes, I realize I've revived an OLD thread, but it seems better to continue this one, than to make a new one that refers back to this one.
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    Its finally DONE!! 77 KZ400 Cafe

    Incredible build, man... got a few questions, if you don't mind... 1. What model is the rear wheel hugger from? 2. How do the forks stay aligned with no fender or brace mounted to tie them together? 3. Where can I see this little ripsnorter in person? You did a great job detailing the frame...
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    Mccarleyholmes 76 Kz400

    Re: Mccarleyholmes 76 Kz400 glass seat The more I see of these KZ400s, the more I like them. One of these days, I'll find a keeper... No matter where you decide to finally mount it, remember to keep the rectifier cool and dry, and you shouldn't have any problems... Unless you want to relocate...
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    Gonna try my hand

    Looks to me like you're doing fine so far... really enjoying watching your progress. Let us know how things turn out with the resin...
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    Insert clever tag phrase here... My 74 CB125S project

    This is going to be fun to watch... Good source for fork gaitors here: Hope that helps you find what you're looking for; I doubt you could ever beat that price...
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    My custom rearsets

    OK, time for me to start making a mockup in cardboard, so I can figure out the exact dimensions to cut is... Man, I hope this offer is still open to us... a nice set of rearsets is a joy forever... satin finish, of course...
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    RARE! 1973 Yamaha TX 500 DOHC 8-valve Twin - Nice photos - Phone number in ad

    Re: RARE! 1973 Yamaha XS500 DOHC 8-valve Twin - Nice photos - Phone number in ad Thanks for correcting me, Tripler; I had a severe headache when I found that ad, and I KNEW there was something wrong with my description of it, but I just couldn't figure out what it was. I'd COMPLETELY forgotten...
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    TX500 build

    MORE PICS! MORE PICS! That white tank is slick, now show us MORE! Your photos make me crazy for MORE!
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