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    Two tone job with leftover single stage urethane

    Thanks for the insight, I will start over again and re-prime over bare metal As far as pinstripes, would I be better off using some lacquer once my single stage coat is on? It cures much faster than enamel. The single stage should be pretty resistant to lacquer thinner once cured right ...
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    Two tone job with leftover single stage urethane

    So... I screwed up a paint job on my gas tank by using Duplicolor High Build Enamel. This paint stays quite soft and did not hold up well to fine line tape when came the time to mask some pinstripes. Money is getting tight for me on this project. However the good news is that I have some...
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    Came accross this funny bike ad on Kijiji...

    Thought I'd share it, it's good for a laugh for anyone who's ever had an XS650, or thinks they want one "if you fancy something different, and owning a...
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    Stranded at work with my XS650... damn

    This is embarassing... Went back to the parking lot on my lunch break... No lights at all, no action when I turn the ignition on. Turns out the negative battery terminal vibrated itself off during my ride and the negative cable had bent over time just enough to rest on the terminal. When...
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    Stranded at work with my XS650... damn

    That's what it seems like, because my battery is topped up and everything is fine until the engine starts turning... I might just unplug one of the stator brushes, that should stop any power coming out of the rotor and easy enough to undo... Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll give this a shot.
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    Stranded at work with my XS650... damn

    I need some quick help... Rode in to work this morning and everything was going smooth untill the last mile or so... I noticed my idle got lumpy and irreggular, and the lights started to flicker. The bike would stall... Then all my lights were back and very bright again when the engine...
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    Newbie building a Cafe Style Commuter

    I flipped it for 1200 after riding for 2 summers and 4000 miles, to finance my next bike (XS650). Finished the build with clubman bars / smaller signals / emgo shortie mufflers / a couple of flat black parts. Bike was fairly stock otherwise Let me know if you have any questions about the...
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    bare minimum wiring to kick start

    To get your engine to run, at a minimum, you'll need to wire up the coils, points, condensers, ignition switch and battery. Set the timing and test for spark at each plug... make sure they`re firing in the right order. I wired my bike from scratch last winter... I can give you some...
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    my xs650 clutch

    If you have the wrong type of oil in the crankcase, slippage will be the issue. However what your experiencing right now sounds more like clutch drag, IE the plates don't release enough to fully disengage the transmission. Make sure the clutch is adjusted correctly. It's touchy on an XS650...
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    Making battery cover

    Has anyone here made their own battery / side covers and can share how to do it? My bike didn't come with them, and I'm using pod filters, I'd like to fabricate or have fabricated something that will hide the battery, but a clean look that fits close to the battery Here's a couple of covers...
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    Yamaha XS650 / My Daily Driver

    Nice bike! Do you mind telling me what you did as a battery cover? I need do make one too, but I have no idea where to start. I was thinking one like yours, ie hide the battery but leaved room for the pods Bike looks awesome. Fork gaiters would look nice on that too !! Cheers, Guy
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    Bogging at Full Throttle

    you should be able to turn it 20-30 degrees freely, the weights should be able to seperate from the assembly with minimal resistance # 11 on this pic
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    Bogging at Full Throttle

    Not sure what exact bike/year you have (CB450??), but usually the points assembly is attached to an advance mechanism. It's a set of springs and weights that allow the points cam to advance 20-30 degrees as the revs climb to make better top end power.
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    Bogging at Full Throttle

    Sounds like a carb issue; easy way to tell it to get the bike to the RPM that bogs down, then pull on the choke some. If it gets worse, you are too rich. If it gets better, you are lean. Did you check that your spark advancer moves freely? Sometimes they can dry up and seize.
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    I love it! It's a nice balance of classic lines with a cafe edge. Well done!
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    Newbness Screwed up Timing! Stumped! Please Help!

    I never use the light, As for both points opening, just watch the lobe on the cam, you'll see it's got a longer part that drives the lever for the points. Set the gap when the middle of the lobe is in on the actuator for each set of points. It's possible that both will be open at one point...
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    Newbness Screwed up Timing! Stumped! Please Help!

    To gap, basically watch the points open. You set the gap when they are open the furthest in their travel. They won't both open at the same time (should be 180 degree difference at the crank, making it a 90 difference at the camshaft??), so turn the engine over untill one point is fully open...
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    Clutch pulls in but wont engage / Can't shift above 2nd

    Is this with the bike sitting or runing? I've noticed my XS650 does this, when the bike is not moving you can't shift up past 2nd. When driving all gears work normally. Think it's something to do with the way syncrocmesh works??? If you haven't had the bike running I wouldn't worry too much
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    Newbness Screwed up Timing! Stumped! Please Help!

    Normally you adjust the gap first before you even try timing it. As the points wear, the gap increases meaning your dwell angle gets smaller. The points assembly grounds out the coils. The dwell is basically the time the coil is grounded out to build a charge. When the points open, the...
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    THE GREATEST THREAD EVER...(if i could do it again)

    Full mock up, and get the bike running well. Then tear into it Spent a lot of time and money bobbing it and making it look nice, then found a ton of other problems!!! Clutch, 4th gear, rotor...
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