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    Flex Pipe undertail exhaust review and pics.

    Why are these not wrapped in black yet? ;D
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    My lil spanish Bultaco

    As others have said, that is a very nice looking bike. In particular, I really like the tank and the headlight. Looks like you've got some beautiful countryside to ride over there, too.
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    MY junk

    Love the air filter tubes, whatever the hell they're called. Bike looks really cool. I'm sure it'd be a great around town bike.
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    My '73 CL350!!!! Banzai!!!

    Re: My '73 CL350 Damn man, this is really depressing me. Last I saw this bike it was untouched, and so was mine. Now yours is starting to look great and mine is, well, still untouched. You did an amazing job with that seat, by the way. Bike's looking very nice.
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    Project Mennonite massacre

    I've considered placing a small battery under the cafe seat, but I'm not sure how I would access it. Perhaps you could place a hinge on one side so that it flips up?
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    Project Mennonite massacre

    Sorry, it's been a bit since I've been on here. Just made my way over to the Tanks and Seats forum and discovered that it is indeed an XS360 tank. Looks great. It's really encouraging me to get back out and work on my bike. Did you ever think about attaching the cafe seat directly to the frame...
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    Project Mennonite massacre

    Lookin' good! Can you give us some info on the seat you fabbed up? What is that tank from? I'm chopping up an XS360 tank for a seat, and it looks a lot like yours.
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    F@CK ME

    Re: FUCK ME That's the beauty of the asterisk. Now, he could mean fack, feck, fick, fock and sometimes fyck. ;D
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    CB 350 F Project Bike and CB 350 Shop Project

    I like how you wrapped both pipes together. I'd never seen that before, but I'm quit e the newb in the motorcycle world. Got the same pipes on my CL350 though. Looks good.
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    1972 cl350 project

    I'm not big on the retro look, but I like it on this bike. It's got a lot of character to it. I'm specifically digging the rear cowl.
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    another cb350 project: le pere noir

    I really like where you're heading with this project, in particular your paint scheme. I had something similar planned for my '68 CL350 tank (same style), except I was going to contrast gloss black with satin black. Yours is looking really good, I'll keep watching.
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    My '73 CL350!!!! Banzai!!!

    Re: My '73 CL350 Same here, chopping up a '68 CL350. Looking forward to following the project.
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    F@CK ME

    Re: FUCK ME I find the topic pretty applicable, so long as you stare at thebronze's avatar instead of actually reading the thread. Which, coincidentally, is what I've been doing for the last 23 minutes and counting. :o
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    seat for cl350 and introduction

    Hey, welcome to the board. I'm somewhat of a newb myself, especially to bikes. I've also got a CL350 ('68) that I picked up for free. Right now I've got it completely disassembled, and I've got quite a task ahead of me. I'll be looking to this post and some of the other CL350s for inspiration...
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    Tank Cleaning by Electrolosis.

    Thanks for posting this TonUp, I'm considering doing it on a plethora of parts at once, perhaps in one of those cheap kiddie pools. I do have a strange fear of electricity, so I'm going to read up on the process very carefully before moving on with it. Love to see some pics when you get a...
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    my 1966 cb160

    Same here. Gorgeous bike.
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    My cafe racer... ish....

    I'll be honest, I'm a huge fan of the bike, but the seat has been the only thing that I thought didn't really flow with the bike. I think a flat seat would be a nice improvement. Lookin' good, as always, I also second the comment on painting the finned covers black. 8)
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    One year...

    Great looking bike, it's an inspiration for the CL350 I'm currently rebuilding (gotta love those high pipes). Couple questions: did you paint or powdercoat your clubmans, or did you find them already in black somewhere? Also, where did you get the plate/taillight bracket?
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    Does your cafe have fork boots on it?? SHOW ME PLEASE!

    I love fork boots. And Savannah, I've said it before, but I love your bike. 8)
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    1993 GSXR Street fighter parts or Project SOLD

    Re: Upside Down Forks Not to take away from your sale, but is the 1100 engine in a 750 frame a pretty common swap? Is the 750 from any lighter than the 1100 frame? Looks like a good deal for someone. Good luck with the sale.
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