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    Michigan Do the Ton

    MQT in the house! I grew up in Houghton. Heading up there on saturday for 10 days.
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    Newb from Detroit.

    Thx guys. Its actually called "Imperial" green. A lot better looking than BRG in person IMO.
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    DTT Michigan Logo POLL - Poll CLOSED #4 wins

    I mentioned this is in another thread, but my friend owns a graphics company in the yoop and he could print the decals for us if need be. He just did these blood falcons ones for me. They're 3" round.
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    Thinking about going for a cold,wet one.

    i'm not stopping until it snows.
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    Newb from Detroit.

    holla holla!
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    Newb from Detroit.

    bmw does it, so it's possible. i already have the parts, just need to find the ambition.
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    Newb from Detroit.

    that it was.
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    Newb from Detroit.

    I do. Single sided swingarm and wheels from an '02 Daytona 955i will be making their way onto it this winter at some point... Also have a '73 Sporty I may cafe. I just bought it, and don't know which way I'm going to go with it yet.
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    Newb from Detroit.

    Been lurking in the MI section here for a while, but it's not very exciting, so here I am... This is my totally awesome Triumph Legend.
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    Gettin cold in MI

    My buddy owns a graphics company and he'll do them on the cheap. Send me the art work, size, and quantity and I will get a price. He just did the new Blood Falcons ones for me.
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    Gettin cold in MI

    Project #1: I picked up a '73 Ironhead a couple weeks back that I'm gonna cafe, bob, or fighter. Haven't decided yet. Project #2: My Legend <--- over there will be getting a single sided swingarm and wheels off of a Daytona 955i.
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    "All Clubs Day" in Stockbridge, Mi.

    i was there, posted some photos on my blog.
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    Battle of the Brits

    nortasaki, i posted your bike on my blog today... hope you don't mind.
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    Battle of the Brits

    i'll be there too.
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    Ypsi coffee shop, CafeRacer, meet up?

    I was out there saturday night.
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    Let's see your Michigan rides

    looks like you found it! i saw a few hits come from here, so i had to join so i could search to see where they came from. Here's my ride.
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