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    WTB CB350 front fender

    I've got one off a CL350, I am waiting to hear back from someone else on whether they want it but PM me your email if you would like me to send you pictures.
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    WTB 1969 or early CB350 twin fender

    Front or rear? I've got a set off of my 71, got all the lights and stuff for it too, I believe. PM me your email and I can send pictures.
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    Finishing tank paint

    Ozfab, I didn't think of that. Gonna order a can now and will report results when I'm able.
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    Finishing tank paint

    Hi all, finally got my first bike (CL350k3) running and have a few small things I have to do to get her road ready, but since I live in Michigan, looks like that's not happening before winter. My question is this: I spilled gas on my tank (rattle can job w 6 layers of clear coat) and the clear...
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    My First Build 74' CB 350F1

    Looks like a great project, looks like you could use new motor cover hardware, 4into1 has stainless complete sets that are awesome. As far as your valves go, if you can, I'd take them off, take a wire wheel to them, and hit them with some lapping compound before remounting them, it was worth the...
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    CL350K3 - Coils bad?

    Turns out the lead up in the headlight bucket wasn't hired up to the positive lead, rookie mistake. She's running more, albeit I need to mess with a float.
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    CL350K3 - Coils bad?

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately I had things other than my bike that needed attending to first so I haven't been able to work on it for a couple of months here, but the other day I cleared up my schedule, and ran into an issue. I rebuilt the top end of the motor, replacing piston rings and gaskets...
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    WTB Cable Adjusters

    I need 2 cable tension adjusters for my CL350 build. What they're off of doesn't matter at this point, I just want her on the road before summer is over. The cables on the bike are 8mm so as long as the adjusters are the same size, I don't really care what they've come off of, I can make them...
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    cl350 adjuster screw needed

    Hi all, missing an obsolete part, can't find it anywhere on the internet even. Can't finish my build until I can get my hands on a clutch adjuster screw. CL350k3, Honda part number 22837286010. Please let me know if you have one or know where to find one. Located in metro Detroit.
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    1972 honda cb350 twin parts

    If there's any chance you've got an extra blinker relay or a clutch cam adjuster, I'll take it/them. I just put up a post in the selling forum of parts I'm getting rid of if you're more into trading, but I think I'm getting rid of many of the same parts you are.
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    CL350K3 Clutch adjuster cam and blinker relay needed

    Hi all, I'm in need of a few small parts to get my bike on the road after a long build. I need a Blinker relay and a clutch adjuster cam. If you are interested in any trades, take a look at the buying forum, I'll be listing a bunch of parts I have extras of or have gone to aftermarket with.
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    Flipping CL350 gauge mount

    Hello everyone, I've had a lot of great help from the community so far, hoping for a little bit more here. I'm going to flip my gauge mount to avoid the "frog eyes", but it's hitting the top triple tree without modification. In the future I'll be upgrading to smaller gauges but until then I'm...
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    Fuel-rated RTV for float-bowl gaskets?

    I don't know why I didn't think of sanding/filing it down to begin with... I already bought the RTV but I'll try the fine sandpaper/file method first and resort to Loctite 518 if it doesn't seem to do the job. Thanks everyone.
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    Fuel-rated RTV for float-bowl gaskets?

    I have almost completed my build of my '71 CL350K3, and am just hammering out controls, electrical and exhaust, and am getting ready to put my carbs together after rebuilding. The issue I am having is there is a small amount of bowing between the float bowls and carb bodies. I have the correct...
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    Rebuilding Carbs on CL350

    They may vary stock, but I double checked them, if 68 was standard in one, it was replaced by the previous owner with a 70, all jets match, but thanks for looking out.
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    Can anyone confirm this part number?

    Thanks, maybe the part I'm seeing that is threaded is the air screw, but I guess I'm better off buying the parts I know will fit rather than following that lead on eBay that may or may not pan out. Thanks for the info!
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    Can anyone confirm this part number?

    Also any solicitation to sell me any extra pilot and slow jets would be acceptable, I already have a new O-ring set and gasket set for the float bowls, so I'd rather not buy the whole kit if I can avoid it. If not, it never hurts to have spare parts.
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    Can anyone confirm this part number?

    According to the title it's a 72, but it was manufactured in 1971 - It's a K3.
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    Can anyone confirm this part number?

    I need new slow and pilot jets as mine are pretty tore up, I found a NOS keyster kit on eBay, but I want to make sure the part number is correct since in the picture (Part # 7300-317), it looks like the ones in the picture are threaded, and the ones I've pulled out of my carbs (one is a 3d and...
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    Honda CBCL scrambler exhaust inter fitment

    The 350's are all interchangeable, I don't know about swapping it to a 250 though. Even if it matches up on the motor you may have to fab an exhaust hanger/ clamp because I doubt you'd get lucky enough to be able to just bolt on another bike's exhaust.
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