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    CB 650 Oil Leak - Should I be worried?

    Hi Eric, I ended up changing out rings 12, 13, and 14. Originally I tried changing just 13 but I all of the rubber was so old I couldn't get a decent seal once I put everything back together. Once I replaced the other two the leak completely stopped. Hope this helps!
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    650C stripped exhaust studs

    Nice! Following that up, anyone have any advice on drilling out a bolt extractor? It snapped off in the hole for my seat mounts. I'm guessing its hardness is going greater than that of most drill bits out there :/
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    650C stripped exhaust studs

    Thanks everyone for the words of wisdom. I was hoping there would be something a little more local, alzcbz, but I guess not. Surprisingly that isn't the first supplier in GB I've come across. I actually ordered studs that are larger but they don't clear the flanges on my exhaust.. I'll grab...
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    650C stripped exhaust studs

    So, I have a two part question. Does anyone know where I can find a set of new exhaust studs for a 1980 CB 650 C? I've checked all of the local hardware shops, automotive, etc sadly to no avail. The second part being, is there any decent way to rethread the ports that were stripped? I've tried...
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    Selling or parting of a 1980 Honda CX500 - Anderson, In. - $400

    do you still have the tank?
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    FS: '81 CB750 engine

    I wish this would fit in my 650..
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    CB500T Part out (picture heavy)

    Do you have length and width measurements on the tank?
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    WTB 79 CB650 Fuel Tank an 35mm Clip-ons

    Just as the title states. I'm looking to buy a new tank and clips for my 650C. Show me what yah got. I'm looking to buy soon if not now so show me what yah got.
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    SOHC CB750 4-1 exhaust, $75

    Here yah go man. My good deed is now done for the day.
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    cl450 brat project 95% finished need quick sale 600 bucks

    damn you being on the wrong side of the states.. glws
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    CB650 Snapped throttle cable

    I'm just looking for something that hooks up to the existing stock setup. If they have a cable that fits that then I have no qualms with it not being oem.
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    CB650 Snapped throttle cable

    Anyone know where I can get a new (OEM?) throttle cable? Mine snapped at the the handlebars when I was riding the other day.. I tried the Honda KTM shop in Marina Del Rey but apparently the part has been discontinued. Its for a 1980 CB 650.
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    Cb500t part out: 2 complete bikes *forks, brakes, engines, wheels, etc.*

    Can you grab pics of the exhaust collars and spacers?
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    79 Honda cb750 Limited edition part out

    Do you still have the tank? of of either? Pics?
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    Nothing left, please ignore

    Re: 1979 CB750K - parting out NOW WITH PICS - updated 3/7 What do you want for the spacers that go in between the collars? The two piece part that goes on either side of the exhaust flange.
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    CB 650 Oil Leak - Should I be worried?

    Dammit.. lol. Is there any reason I cant rtv this?
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    Choke cable binding

    I have a similar issue with my '80 cb650. I'm curious to hear if anyone has any work arounds other than replacing the entire mechanism...
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    CB 650 Oil Leak - Should I be worried?

    So I finally got around to changing the o-ring last weekend.. It took a bit to get those godforsaken phillips screws out. I hope to replace them soon. Anyways, after I swapped out the o-ring and put everything back together the sob still leaked.. is it possible that the #12's & #14's in the post...
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    best insurrance for a new CA rider.

    I'm fairly new to CA so my drivers record out here is fine. Back in Michigan I have 3 points on my license though. All from speeding tickets ... When I looked at me drivers record here it didn't show up, so I guess it really depends how far in depth the insurance company is willing to investigate.
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    Danmoto RPM Wire?

    Do you have any pictures of it mounted? I've been thinking about going with this type of gauge but I'm worried it wont really fit the design of the bike.
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