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    Swapmeet Louie

    If you ever want to drive out to Kuna, I will buy you a beer at the 4E's...
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    Softail bobber

    Really? :o
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    1980 xs650 frame hoop

    You could pack some tubing with dry, dry sand, cap the ends and put the tube in a charcoal barbecue. Then bend it over a wooden buck. Not as hard as it sounds.
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    can I restore carb holders?

    Boil them in wintergreen oil...
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    Sounds lean or like it has an intake leak...
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    Hey Swap Meet Louie I have some stuff for you if you want it...*free*

    1979 Yamaha YZ125 gas tank with DT250 gas cap two fender pieces 2 seats without covers aftermarket muffler Suzuki front disk rotor a couple of grips two kicker that I think are Honda A rack of small carbs(no idea what they came off of) Polaris handlebar clamps(no idea what they are off of)...
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    Good way to clean the outside of carbs?

    To do it right they need to come apart...soda blasting may do what you want though...or spraying them with carb cleaner and hitting them with a tooth brush or something along those lines...
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    Pet pics...

    HOLY SHIT!!! Those cats are beautiful...Hear they are spendy too...
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    Ghost hunters

    I like the show...I watch it on HULU...I cancelled my satellite TV...One of the the best things I ever did...
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    Running my GN400 without a battery?

    I have a couple of GN400's...A capacitor is a good idea...They like to blow headlights when revved if there is no battery...Headlights are expensive >:(
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    gn 400 single cilinder caferacer project!!

    Looking good so far...I am a big fan of GN400's...Very under appreciated bikes...
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    Whats the name? sex?

    I never could understand why people name their bikes ???...Still can't...Some of the names are pretty f'n retarted too...Then again, I'm not very cool...Your guys's bike names are cool though ;)
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    kz400 vs. XS650-which would make a better STREET tracker?

    How are XS650 carbs a pain?...I own a few XS650's and do have any problems..
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    Cougar anyone???

    "Dated" quite a few cougars after my divorce...Alot of fun actually...
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    My SR

    That is one nice looking SR...
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    Second Opinion: Stacking washers as axle spacers. (photos inside!)

    You'll probably be OK, but personally I would go to a machine shop and have them whip me up a set of custom spacers. Last one I had made, they charged me $5...
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    Another cool product from Dime City... The "chuck" start.

    They look great...Any plans for an XS650 version or is this a Honda only deal?
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    Tales of Rat Fink!

    Very cool...Thanks for the link. I never did manage to see the movie before. My uncle is in the movie, so that is pretty cool to see ;)
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    What is your city best known for? (Good or Bad)

    Boise Idaho... Known as the City of Trees Also know for the Boise State University Broncos
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    HEY!!.. Whos Doing an XS650 Build or who Rides an XS650?...

    I have three complete and four other parts bikes...
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