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    '77 GS750B, "Hahn" Tankenstine.

    Re: '77 GS750B, "Hahn" The painting continues. Looks like a fun project. i just for a 78 GS750 a few months ago. Looking forward to see how your's turns out.
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    Project Zero

    Re: Back in the race for the ton. I just got a 78 GS750 a few months ago. It's a great base to start from. Enjoy!
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    1978 GS750 Cafe (First) Build

    So... I ordered Danmoto 180º Digital Cockpit: Turns out I am dumb... :-[ Since my bike has analog, cable-driven tach and speedo I need to get a different type of gauge cluster. I was really interested in a digital/LCD...
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    1978 GS750 Cafe (First) Build

    A few inspirational pictures of the look I am going for...
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    1978 GS750 Cafe (First) Build

    I just picked up a GS750(first bike) a couple months ago for $800 and I want to Cafe it up a bit. Bike is in mechanically sound condition, but needed a bit of minor work. When I got it: no turn signals, no brake fluid in the rear resevoir, no high beams(but lows work), few cracks and scratches...
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    *Project Rat-Fe Racer* GS750 DOHC CAFE build up

    GREAT BUILD! I just got a GS750 and I was looking to do something similar. I love that seat you found.
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    Degenerate racing's project "ankle biter" CL350

    I second that, looks like it will be awesome when finished.
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    CB650 night-racer cafe-hawk build day 1 and counting.

    Looks like you are off to a great start.
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    I did it again. (The bastardazation of a perfectly good Triumph)

    You are so right. Few changes and it looks like a new bike.
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    1973 CB450. First Project

    Good luck, man! looks like a fun project.
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    My first try at a seat. What do you think?

    Nice lines! Looks great!
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    how to - cafe seat

    Awesome post!
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    hooked up the go pro for a ride this weekend

    Looks like fun. Is it easy to take still shots while riding?
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    What you get with $600.00 and a hacksaw

    Great looking bike for the price!
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