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    Bike Run, Oakdale PA

    Hey all in the PGH area. This bike run is in my home town of Oakdale Borough. They are having their annual fireman's carnival this week. On Saturday, they'll be having a bike run (information is below) The town was hit rather hard by the Ivan flood of 2004, where they lost ALL of their...
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    Media blasting o nthe cheap?

    Wow, cool...thanks for the offers guys... so....uh....since I'm obviously not up on these things, what do I need to buy, exactly? I'm located in Moon Township, which of you are closer?
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    Media blasting o nthe cheap?

    anyone in the Burgh have any contacts that can hook me up with media blasting of a frame and swingarm for a really cheap price. Being unemployed (and waiting for the senate to approve extension) I have very little in the area of disposable income. I've been sitting here with a torn apart...
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    Crescent Moon Cycles, questionable customer service

    Ok, a follow up on this disaster of an exchange. I received my bolt(s). They sent a pair, thought I thought I was only receiving one. Unfortunately, they don't fit. The diameter is too large to go through the hole in the frame, or screw into the nut that's welded to the inside of the rear...
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    DICK eBay seller - vintagecyclebits

    Shipping and "handling" charges always riled me as well. I had to order some rear signal bolts for my goldwing. Found companies that sell them. One had them for $27 a pair, charging $7 to ship them. Another was charging $20 for the bolts, but $19 to ship them...these were both US companies...
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    Pittsburgh area drink em' up event...

    Well, I for one will be at Houlihans in Robinson mall tonight to watch a friend of mine do his comedy schtick...not sure if I'll be on 2 wheels or 4...the goldwing REALLY doesn't like being cold.
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    Where can we all meet?

    and I distinctly remember saying "one of" I knew I wasn't the first...just one of
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    Philly area meet?

    Let's just wait and see if both of our hockey teams can finish off our respective series. If Philly takes down NJ, then the Pens will owe all of them at least a few drinks...
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    Was checking out the Google Analytics for the site just now...

    Maybe they aren't a member yet, just a lurker?
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    AGH! Need help!

    That's kinda why I offered...even though I'm near hte airport, I'm also local. I'm unemployed, bored, and need places to ride my bike...I'm sick of using gas only to not end up at a destination...and when I do end up at a destination, I end up spending money, which doesn't make the wife happy...
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    AGH! Need help!

    Would this one fit? From a CB500T: what exact part do you need? the lens, the housing?? I can bring it to you. I'm in Moon
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    Putting out some feelers...

    HAHA...yea, and I'm actually not far from Mars, either...
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    Putting out some feelers...

    Swag...I'd rather include them with everything else, simply because the person that's interested in the bike might also be interested in the pipes as well. Both sets are pretty much necessary for a complete set to be made. Headers are decent on both sets, but muffler on one is completely FUBAR...
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    Where can we all meet?

    Hard to believe that I was actually one of the first Pittsburgh members on DTT. I joined almost a year and a half ago. So... Where is there a cool place to meet in the Pittsburgh area? I know that the Jailhouse in Coraopolis had "Bike night" every monday last summer. I haven't seen their...
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    since I had lost track of the original discussion, can we get updates on the PA regional patch(es) you know, like, where do I send money, and how much? Thanks
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    Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

    Todd Moon Township 1977 GL1000 and a basket case '76 CB500T that I'll sell to anyone in the area...see "selling" section
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    Putting out some feelers...

    yep, I'm in Moon. here's what I got: The bike when it was whole: the 2 sets of CL pipes: The CB450 Frond end: During disassembly: Most little parts are now in a bucket in my garage. They need cleaned, and some probably replaced. If you're feeling up to it, it could be put back together...
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    Putting out some feelers...

    Ok guys, I am unemployed, so I wanted to try to unload an old bike...BASKET CASE I bought a 1976 CB500T about 2 years ago for $500. I broke it down, completely, stripped paint from top of tank, and started stripping from frame as well. I've purchased new, and used parts for it...
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    Need help, annoying GL1000 problem

    I'd like to keep them as stock as possible... the one on the left is the correct bolt, that came off the original signal.
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