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    introduce yourself and your bike

    That looks brilliant ... love the seat
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    introduce yourself and your bike

    Thanks Tonci , it has changed again since then . And has a silly front fender on to get a warrant , having jetting probs after fitting pod but have just clipped the spring and may drill the slide . If not i will save my pennies and get a mikuni flatslide .
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    Hi from Down Under.

    Hello guys from the bottom of New Zealand , and the middle of winter . I have a honda GB 400 i have been mucking around with . Bit cold for riding so since the second pic was taken i have been rewiring and replacing headlight . Gauges, switches and controls will be next . Been having...
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    Where are the spark plugs located on a Honda CB550k?

    Oh i have them sorry ! will return asap .
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    introduce yourself and your bike

    Hi im from down south , have a GB 400 i been mucking around with before couple of weeks ago
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