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  1. bikeboy

    The Amalgam: honda past meets present, take 2! or 3?

    That new sump is awesome!
  2. bikeboy

    82 Honda CB900C chop/racer

    I have a spare bolt and nut, but no o-ring? It seems I was mistaken, and a plain 7.7x2.3 o-ring will do the job. Only problem will be the delay in getting from Oz to you? Let me know if you want it?
  3. bikeboy

    82 Honda CB900C chop/racer

    There should be a recess in the flange of that nut that will hold a beveled o-ring to seal it against the block. A normal o-ring won't seal properly, it has to be the original Honda part. Readily available (#91313-393-003)
  4. bikeboy

    RestoCycle restomods a 1981 Honda CB750F

    Great work mate. There's a certain commonality to builds around the 1100F site isn't there? All the performance upgrades and goodies pop-up all over the place. Your build echoes most of the work I've done on my 1100 apart from the R6 starter clutch swap. I like the vapour blasting finish you've...
  5. bikeboy

    The Little Cub That Could

    I think that first pic of the cylinder indicates it will need more than a hone. It looks like fairly serious pitting to me.
  6. bikeboy

    1970 CL350 resto

    Nice work. You'd have to be happy with that ;-)
  7. bikeboy

    82 Honda CB900C chop/racer

    Same bolt was used in all the DOHC motors, from the 750 to the CBX. Oddly, the -469- part of your code is for the '80 CBX, but they usually use the model the part was first used on, which was probably a '79 CBX (422)? Anyway, looks like you're sorted ;-)
  8. bikeboy

    82 Honda CB900C chop/racer

    Just found this, sorry. You seem to have the bolt sorted now, but that thread is cactus. It's a common problem with these motors as the bolt is over-tightened and the thread gets stripped. A pain in the arse to repair considering it's size. You'll have to drill it out for a new helicoil. Problem...
  9. bikeboy

    XS360 restoration for collector plates.

    Great job fella. Looks sweet.
  10. bikeboy

    75' CB400F front end swap

    Ask away. We were all newbs once, so don't hesitate. That's what this forum is for ;-). There's lots of knowledgable people ready to help out. The Stem is indeed the piece you refer to. Just check the set you have because my memory ain't what it used to be. I *think* I swapped it for a 400...
  11. bikeboy

    75' CB400F front end swap

    Oh, sorry about that. It's been awhile. I should have re-read that thread :-( I had a 400 stem pressed in to the 600 lower triple. The diameters are the same, so it's an easy swap. I measured the axle to top clamp measurement of the 400 forks, and made sure the 600s were set to the same length...
  12. bikeboy

    75' CB400F front end swap

    You might find this interesting: Did the same thing a couple of years ago. May give you some answers and ideas.
  13. bikeboy

    Just painted my CL350

    most excellent work.
  14. bikeboy

    Stupid PO or me being dumb?

    All good. they are a loose fit, and when the bowl is on, keep pressure on the jet to keep it seated. They have a 'keyhole' opening that you have to sort of slide over the jet, and locate the right-angle slot over the cast tab you can see clearly in your pic. The jet should have a rubber o-ring...
  15. bikeboy

    acewell 3853 display on the fritz?

    Hi guys. I fitted one of thee units to my 400F sometime ago and it's been fine up until now. The bike doesn't get a lot of use, and I started it up after about 4 months of sitting, and the digital display doesn't work. The warning lights and...
  16. bikeboy

    CB350f hits a wall at 45mph. (Solved)

    Re: CB350f hits a wall at 45mph My 400f was doing this until I checked the needles. They were on the number 2 setting but should have been on 3. Changed them all and it now pulls like a truck. Might be worth checking?
  17. bikeboy

    Cb900 Weird no-start issue

    Good catch. I've fried one of these on the 1000R. Still don't know how it happened :-\
  18. bikeboy

    Skyteam Ace to RC Honda Racer Replica!!

    Well done. looks great.
  19. bikeboy

    And then there were two.. 1976 GT250 Rebuild

    excellent work so far. Looking really good.
  20. bikeboy

    XS360 Bratstyle Replica- Codenamed: Sheeple II

    nice and subtle. I like it a lot.
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