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  1. DavHJ

    CBR600 mono shock swing arm on CB750 frame

    Has anyone of you out there done this swap, if so any photo's or insight as how you mounted the mono shock to the frame? Thanks in advance. Dave
  2. DavHJ

    Lets see your front end swaps!

    here's my front end swap. 1974 Honda CB750 to 2012 Yamaha R1 front end. I designed the triple trees on Solidworks and CNC machined to look like the stock 1974 top tree.
  3. DavHJ

    One's I should have kept

    I had one just like this one same color,year and all. Every time I see one I kick myself......Who Knew !!!!! Dave
  4. DavHJ

    This bother anyone else?

    There is a bike? all i saw was a nice looking girl with a helmet on. Dave
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