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  1. DoubleClutch

    What do your shops look like?

    1 & 1/2 stall garage attached to the house. Been working out of it for 12 years now. Got big plans to build another building cause I don't have room for customers bike's , quads and sleds.
  2. DoubleClutch

    Lights blew and I am in the dark as to why.

    Well I was close!! :o
  3. DoubleClutch

    How long can I leave my bike sitting between start ups?

    Oh I know but cant ride during the winter unless I put a ice picks in the tires!! Thats the longest it ever sat but most of the time during the winter it sits around 4 months.
  4. DoubleClutch

    Spark Plug-Throw or Clean

    I buy plugs but the box's But I have a Repair shop and go threw allot of them. If your plugs are sooted up change them out and get it tune in.
  5. DoubleClutch

    How long can I leave my bike sitting between start ups?

    I store my 68 Triumph Bobber for a stretch of 6 months at a time over the winter. Yes put Stbil in the tank and fill it to the top and ride the bike to get it into the float bowls. I also put the bike on a lift to get the tires off the ground. As for oil. Leave it alone. Oil take a very long...
  6. DoubleClutch

    Lights blew and I am in the dark as to why.

    Reg/Rec went bad. Check the voltage to the battery. With the battery at full charge start the bike and get a voltage reading then rev the bike. It should not go over 13.8 to 14 volt. If it does then you regulator/Rector fire took a shit.
  7. DoubleClutch

    Oil coming from header

    Did you do a valve job on the head? Valve guides are going south. If the crankcase was over filled it would just pump it out threw the crankcase vent.
  8. DoubleClutch

    Bike hauling Lowrider Truck--- Lot's of work to do on it

    I would do a slammed and chopped Rat truck but that's just my taste. Give us a update!
  9. DoubleClutch

    CB350 Low compression on one cylinder

    If you want it to be relieable for years to come. Do the top end rebuild.
  10. DoubleClutch

    74 Honda CB550 Four - Newbie enters the arena...

    Yes Tim is correct!! If it runs better when the chock is on then you need to do a carb cleaning on all the carbs. Pull the jets and make sure all passage's are clean and not plugged. It would be best to get new rebuild kits instead of trying to get buy with old gaskets, jets and such. Also synce...
  11. DoubleClutch

    Does PA still do this?

    If its a 72 and sold in 74 it's titled as a 72.
  12. DoubleClutch

    New Castle

    Conneaut Lake Area here.
  13. DoubleClutch

    AHRMA National, Terra Alta, WV 7/25 - 7/28

    Did you make it there? I know Tom real well and I had a break down when I was down there for Mountainfest and could not make the vintage ride. Just wondering how it turned out?
  14. DoubleClutch

    Info for PA riders...

    I have been going to Mountainfest every year sence it started. I also go the OVBSAOC every year so I any of you that show up look me up. I do some vending and my Ford Exsplorer has a sign on it that say G&B Lawncare Service. Hope to meet someone from the forum. What are you working on? I have a...
  15. DoubleClutch

    Off-Run-Off to Push-Button Killswitch

    I used one of these on a race bike I built a couple years ago.
  16. DoubleClutch

    CB350 Shifting issues

    Sounds like to me that your clutch plates are hanging up and not fully separating. But what am I to now just a guess!
  17. DoubleClutch

    DOT Turn signals

    This link may help. I'm not sure if it contains to motorcycles but it says antique motor vehicles. Here in Pa they only say you need to have 1 mirror on the left side. But if it came stock with turn signals it must have them. We are also sapose to have a head light that is on at all time's but...
  18. DoubleClutch

    KZ400S Cafe Build - St. Patrick

    Re: KZ400S Cafe Build - first try at this Like the way your going with it but the muffler doesn't look right to me. Keep up the good work.
  19. DoubleClutch

    Covered Trailer

    I have a friend that lives in Pittsburgh that has a 6x10 enclosed for 1K. I now you can get 2 baggers in it if you angel them.
  20. DoubleClutch

    how does this work?

    Probably not putting the thrust washer on both sides before putting it on the shaft.
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